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Can Not Bump Up My Pledge

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If I chose paypal the amout changes and VISA is just bugged.

Do you happen not to be American? It might be the difference between currency. VISA I'm not sure. I don't have VISA. Depending on how much you want to bump your pledge, I think you can use a Mastercard gift card is the upgrade requires 200 or less US dollars.


Another option I'd offer is to wait for another 2 weeks or so. I received an email from Crowfall and they replied that interac will be set up in two weeks for wire transfer. I'm sure there will be a lot more other options coming as well so I'd wait it out since pledging will last until sometime in June.

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For PayPal, the difference between the Bundle price and the total of the payment is probably due to regional taxes. In the Pledge Store, it's written "Prices listed do not include regional tax". If the tax of your country is 25%, that's $16,50 out of $66, for a total of $82,50.


For VISA, I would try again later because sometimes it's an issue with the server and it resolves by itself. 



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