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I Think I Found Home Again...

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First things first...What's a rasabox? Rasaboxes are a performance training tool used to prepare participants to physically express eight key emotions first identified in the Natyasastra, a Sanskrit text dealing with theatre, dance, and music. Now since that's out of the way...


Hello, I go by Rasa or Rasabox (if someone swipes my name). I have been going by that name since City of Heroes. Of course like everyone else that played CoX, I went by many names because why would you limit yourself to one experience in the character creator. The name Rasa stuck though. It has been my moniker for almost 10 years now and for 9 of those years, I sat next to a beautiful woman as we thwarted evil, caused mischief, and on the off day collected Exploration Badges. Since the close of City of Heroes we have struggled to find a world where we seem to fit. If there is an MMORPG out there, we have tried it. Believe me. We have tried it. Some have been a great experience. Some gave us home and then ripped it away (Wildstar). And others were just not worth the time we spent attempting to convince ourselves otherwise.


I had nearly given up hope and then I heard about Crowfall. I liked it immediately, but assumed that beautiful woman, now my fiancé, would not be interested in a PvP-centric world so I put it in the back of my mind. When the Kickstarter launched, I figured that I would at least show her the game to see if there was a subtle glint in her eye. To my utter surprise, she was enamored. She fell quicker for Crowfall than she did for me.


I am not sure if this will be our virtual home, but we are certainly excited about the possibilities. With each bit of information I grow more excited for Alpha and Beta testing. I look forward to laughing, bartering, and fighting each of you.


Let's make this community one to be revered.



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Welcome.  Nice to see such an eloquent introduction post.  And there are more of we non-PvPers who still look forward to living in a world filled with PvP than you might think.  For me, an MMORPG isn't realistic enough if there isn't a hefty dose of risk vs reward, even if I'm not the best at combat.

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Welcome to the forums! I'm curious how you settled on the name

I am a trained physical theatre actor. I was extensively trained in rasaboxes. A concept developed by Richard Schechner. I identified with the training technique because it allowed me to open up emotionally through my physical presence.


Just curious or are you familiar with them?

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