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The Wanderers

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A guild with a little bit of a different structure than what you're used to. 



    Because I've played MMO's long enough to know how traditional guilds succeed and fail. The traditional format of a guild was a good foundation and worked to a point. Each player was started at the lowest tier and had to earn their way up. Where they fell short was when you looked at what it takes to gain promotions or benefits. It became a game of how well you socialized with those in a leadership position and less about your skill or dedication to the guild and game. This in turn allowed small groups of players, who's social skills were honed but perhaps weren't best suited for their position, to be promoted above others who may have better qualifications.


How we are different:

    The Wanderers structure is based on the mistakes I have made both as a leader and as a member of guilds past and the successes that I have seen both in the real world and online. Our structure is a clearly outlined system of rewards and demerits based on the ACTIONS of our players. It doesn't matter if you aren't the silver tongued devil that others may be, if you put in the work you will see the rewards. This doesn't mean that we won't have a place for those who's skills are more socially oriented, each area of game play will be rewarded.


Each recruit is given a captain, each captain is under the supervision of a leader and the structure will grow as the guild does.


There are 3 main divisions of our guild:

  Combat- split into two sections with players intermingling between them. Both PvP and PvE will be supported and rewarded. These players are the defense of the guild and the main focus of expansion in territory. 

 Economy- Focused in gathering and crafting, buying and selling. These players will be largely responsible for the management of gold within the guild.

  Diplomatic relations- Focused on maintaining status with other guilds, both enemies and allies, as well as recruitment. Think if it like our internal and external HR department.


Obviously this is an abbreviated version of each department and we will be glad to expand on each area as more recruits come in.


What we require from our members: 


   Firstly you have to play, not all the time or even a ton of the time, but you have to be somewhat active.

   Secondly you have to be able to listen to your officers. You can disagrees and support your stance, in fact it's encouraged, but if you fail to follow orders, particularly in battle, then you will be penalized. 

  Thirdly you will have to communicate with the other members of this guild. We are not psychic, if there are things you like or don't like send it up the chain.

 Fourthly have fun, this is a game after all.


The wanderers has a fairly straight forward recruiting process right now, however as the game draws closer to release we will become more selective about our requirements. Since we will be rewarding players for recruiting make sure you let us know who sent you to us and we will make sure they are rewarded.


Questions/comments? I can't promise a timely response right now, but I'll answer them as I can.


Interested in joining? Leave a message detailing what you want to get out of the game, your history with games (if any) and what you bring to the table.

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When I was younger, this is exactly what I wanted out of a guild. And this kind of policy led me to the Galactic Conglomerate of Star Wars: Galaxies. It wasn't the best guild, and it only lasted a couple years.


But I remember more about the Conglomerate than I do about almost any guild since.


Do right by your members, Samurai. Make memories, not hierarchies. You have the makings of a guild that will have a positive impact on your members for the rest of their lives here.


Memories, not hierarchies.

Formerly Scin Karetyr, a native of Chilastra in Star Wars Galaxies

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That's the hope karetyr, of course the structure is in place to keep chaos from ensuing but by no means is it designed to limit players. Instead the structure allows for quick organization and understanding of each player's duties and make it clear what is expected. This way there can be no confusion and a player that doesn't wish to PvP isn't forced into it, and conversely a PvP oriented player isn't forced to play the economy.

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Um the reward to recruit is probably not a healthy system. Just putting it out there. But good luck with your guild anyways!

Edited by Eediom


Chalcitis - A Treasure Hunting Guild, visit Forum Post

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Can't wait, it sounds straightforward, recruit strong players and play with them and you get more rewards from your guild. now are you are in charge of your group as you recruit them? I dont understand the unhealthy part mentioned above, maybe if recruiting and numbers became your primary concern but that seemed to be only one aspect of the guilds aims. This is a clearly thought out mission statement, which is a good starting place for a guild. open communication and proper planning, that's respectable. I agree with kateyr, Be a good leader and keep your people at heart.

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Thanks Hakuu, those are great points. As for the recruitment, I want players to bring their friends into the guild, this means that on day 1 of release I'll tally up how many each person has recruited and give them a fitting reward for strengthening the guild. Since they will all have to be interviewed and tested there is a chance that the people you send to us will not be recruited. This is how I keep the integrity of the guild from heading towards zerg guild status, but still make sure that we reward our players. 


If you recruit players you may be in charge of them, this is where the structure plays in. If you are more qualified to lead a group of people then you will be given a position in leadership, but just because you saw this post first doesn't mean that you deserve to give orders to the people you recruit. For example, what if one of the people you recruit wants to be an economist, and you are more PvP focused? It wouldn't really be in their best interest to be in your squad would it? recruiting, as a general rule, does earn you points towards promotion however so it increases the likelihood that you would be in charge of a group of your friends. 


I hope this clears up any confusion regarding recruiting.

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