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Playable races

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  • Human


Fallen (strange hybrid of human and crow)

Groots (work well with the crows, who like to roost)

Khepri (can only communicate through sign language, pheremones, and glandular sculpture)

Eletaurs (like a centaur, only with an elephant)

Those Cactus guys from Final Fantasy

Donskoy Cats


Can always count on BBC to catch the little details  ;)

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While I doubt that we're gonna see every single playable race that's bound to be listed here, I do hope we get more options than "Human" and "Human-like". I'd much prefer to see some more "monstrous" races as options, provided they're all balanced.

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-Sarkhan Vol 

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Dragons would be kind of awesome. Although I would think you'd be more likely to get something along the lines of the Draconians from Dragonlance. BUt maybe a dragon that has assumed a human-like form and only occasionally reverts to dragon as a finishing move, or maybe as a travel form.


Winged races would be awesome.


And tentacle people are ok if they are actual tentacles like a mindflayer. No fleshy, dangling, skin flaps please.

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I'd like to see some spectral type of race.  Nothing like making eye contact with a wisp of smoke across the battlefield that's sporting ghostly armor and a poleaxe.

<( '.' < ) (^ '.' ^) ( > '.' )>

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Different human races as well as "near human" races. Elves could be close enough to humans to be able to produce a sterile hybrid (Half-Elf). Dwarves could be based of Neaderthals.


Using wacky mythological creatures is a pain in the but for the animators and modelers who will be working on the game. We should also keep the capabilities of the races relatively close to one another for balance reasons.

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I'm ok with the stereo-typical fantasy races, but having unique ones specific to their lore would be awesome too.  Different races of humans; maybe a few other interesting races.


I'll stick with you; standard races would be enough for me.

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Merketh: "If you are looking for a loot grind that's equivalent to PvE raid experiences of other MMO's, where you max your ilevel, wait for the next content patch, rinse repeat then this is absolutely not the game for you."

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