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Creature Feature: The Wyvern

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Awesome artwork! I'm an aspiring artist, but I'm far too slow to probably ever work in the industry, heh. I just have a defective brain.


Anywho, I constructively agree about the winter variant. Don't get me wrong, as all four look splend-tastic, but the winter wyvern is not nearly as visually distinct from the fall wyvern as the others are from their previous season's variant. Maybe it could just go completely out-of-control ice crystallization? Or start losing its color (freezing from the inside)?, or decaying more (losing segments of bone and such, to be replaced with crystals?)? *shrug*


Feels like it needs a slight extra push towards maximum Hunger-ization.

This post brought to you by...
Lephys. Because everything's better with a smile facepalm.

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Meet Allison Theus, the Mother of Wyverns (and other cool stuff). As a Senior Concept Artist, Allison is responsible for turning the game designers’ ideas into visuals that evoke emotion and inspire p

Allison is a total art explosion. She blows me away with these pieces, that wyvern made my wacom back pen detonate, leaving me crippled begging for more.   LOVE IT.

Nice twist on the story of Abraham. 

Yeah not a big fan of the mounts having Hunger effects on them. On the wild creatures it looks good but the horses not so much.


I also think the Hunger effects may not translate well to every creature. On the saber cat and griffon and the boar thing it looks great. But for the Wyvern I think the Original is the best looking and the most menacing. Maybe different shades of Blue, like Darker might work? I dunno, at first I loved the idea of the Hunger effects but now seeing more creatures with it its a bit too much to me I think.

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looks awesome, but where do i put i my saddle whit all those spikes :o


I'd prefer to dance in a cage at the tip of his tail,

If this beast is airborn & at full speed ,and that is the moment the saddle loosens..

One flies across the tail and most likely gets the chainsaw-treatment :wub:

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I know which two gods I'm not going to placate in any way, shape or form  ^_^  


Alison is amazing, been following her career for over ten years now and it's so cool that she's lending her monstrous abilities to this project. I know that the creatures of CF will be gorgeous, intimidating, and anatomically believable in her hands. I've enjoyed every piece I've seen from her so far, and these ones are no exception. The wyvern, it's simply to die for! And I will die for it, many, many times I'm sure. I can safely say that I simultaneously want to be, conquer, and possess the wyvern, so mission accomplished. I want to be a wyvern, riding a wyvern, fighting a wyvern. Oh, that's not quite what you meant? /ragequit


srsly do want to ride the wyvern though. It's so shiny, so spikey. I know the whole "flying mounts" debate must factor in, but what if it's just a glider like the Assassin?


PS: I figured Alison was behind the guinea pig race, I knew she was really into piggies at some point so I fancied the idea that she came up with them. They're the only small race I've seen in a game for many years now that I would actually consider playing. Extraordinarily charming little pipsqueaks.


Also, to what Billy was saying about the humorous nature of the guineceans and the balance between the lighter and darker elements of the world in general; I hope Crowfall will avoid being either too pretentiously grimdark (with mismatched visuals) or feeling silly and sanitized like World of Warcraft. Too far in either direction does not appeal.


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A worthy pray, its head will make a nice trophy.


On another note, will our gear as players be effected by the hunger, will our skin change, will some items be useless or destroyed maybe. Maybe that is to much work, would be nice though seeing the same effects on us as the beasts.

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Arrogance diminishes wisdom

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The gods are fickle. To question them is to court death.

Seems as though to merely exist while they also exist is to court death, 8P.


I've never understood why gods always act like toddlers. Goddlers... :)


"Why are you not killing everyone in your village? I'm displeased, so now I'll kill everyone in your village!"

This post brought to you by...
Lephys. Because everything's better with a smile facepalm.

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