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Our badges don't stink

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Oooh. It's kinda ugly, imo.

Haters gonna ...         ;)


But seriously, I like it!


More crow-y, less turtle-y.  In a nice mellow shade of burgundy.


Edited by mbliberty

"and a couple of the Kickstarter packages were just crazy good"


Note: Eye candy presented with thanks to the Crow(s) who granted permission for me to include their badge(s) in this tasty exhibit.

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Edit: Also, you should enable mouse-over function so people can see descriptions of the badges instead of having to right-click and inspecting the element.


Try doing a mouse over now, they put in a quickie fix.  The prettier one is in the backlog.

Gordon Walton, ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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Nice to see these finally implemented. Thanks!

Me and my buddies are always looking for friendly people to game with. Are you that type of person? Then look us up @ www.seireitei.info ;)

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