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Cannot post without first making more posts

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it's to filter out spam bots.


It's not a bug but a feature.



Just engage in conversation in an already existing thread and then you'll be able to make your own eventually

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I was trying to reply to something in the 'Other Games' forum, but every time I tried, I would get a message saying that I haven't made enough posts to post on that particular forum. Intended?


Intended to cut down on spam bots.  They have ruined a few moderator/Tully's nights in the past.


"Agelmar is King of the Hypocrites and Ruler of the Kingdom of Hypocrytia"

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this is true.

I'm watching you, guy.

You are so incredibly helpful, CYT. I don't know how I ever managed to do anything before we met. I was just bumbling my way through life, all lost-like. Thank you. My blessing cup runneth over.


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always knew that fozzie is a spam bot. i mean, look at him. less than 1.500 postings, no avatar picture, not even one word about shadowbane. very suspicious. at least. wouldnt trust him at all. as true as i have feather. *swear*

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