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Stretch Goal ACHIEVED


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Is it Friday again? This week really seemed to fly by, but we managed to get Todd to sit still just long enough to record this special thank-you message to our backers for unlocking our next stretch goal: Hire a Graphics Programmer.


This stretch goal is particularly notable because this is the first major milestone that we have achieved AFTER the successful completion of our Kickstarter campaign!  That means we’ve added almost $100,000 in pledges since our campaign ended on March 26th. (Has it been almost a month, already?!) 


Click the video below to hear about our next stretch goal, and be sure to watch to all the way to the end for a hint about the next one in line – a feature that could be the ‘bane’ of your weak-hearted enemies.




ACE Team Update

The Crowfall team continues to grow, bit by bit, as we recruit the talented folks we need to make Crowfall a reality. Last week, veteran web developer Seth Scoville joined us, and he has already hit the ground running!  His first major update launched yesterday: backer-level forum badges!


Backer Badges Added

That’s right, now you can wear your Crowfall backer status with pride!


Each backer tier (Contributor, Ruby, Sapphire, etc.) has a unique color – regardless of when you become a backer. 


The look of the badge changes, however, depending on when you decided to back the project  – so, Ruby Kickstarter backers have a distinct look (but matching color) to the 2015 post-Kickstarter backer badges.  2016 will be different from those, as well.


Make sense? The rule is simple: color denotes backer level, shape denotes time.  This is an easy way to display your passion for the product AND display how long you’ve been a part of the Crowfall community!


Ready to redeem up your forum backer badge?  CLICK HERE to learn how.




Stretch Goal UNLOCKED: Game Localization

Unlocking one stretch goal means the next in line gets bumped to the top. A previously unlocked stretch goal brought in the funds necessary to begin localizing the Crowfall website. Now, we plan to take it even further by localizing the game itself into six additional languages: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.  Visit this page to pledge and follow our progress.    


Lastly, keep an eye on your inbox for the next issue of our newsletter, As the Crow Flies… issue #2


That’s it for today, and see you on the forums!

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It's great to see the steady flow of win still streaming through Crowfall.


Pretty excited about the 2 million addaband goal though I'm trying to be supportive of all my buddies across the pond and get all woot woot for the localization goal we've got next.


Woot woot!  Localization!   Get that store up CF and you'll have 2 mill in a heartbeat. 


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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Ok, now I'm looking for our European (and Russian, Brazilian) Crows to spread the word about Crowfall!   :)


You should see my Twitter stream ...  ;)


THE most active European Crowfall community. Join us now!

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The shadow didn't disappear for good :)


The potential addition of the Bane Circle siege set is a good decision too - all the variation in the campaign types would still have resulted in potentially repetitive siege game play if it is Bloodstone each and every battle.  Looking forward to hearing more! 

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Why the next goal have 7 flags and 6 languages?

Portuguese from Portugal is not the same as Portuguese from Brasil...

Edited by 20kilo


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