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Just thought I'd introduce myself to everyone.
If anyone knows me from Guild Wars 2 or the Eternal Crusade forums, then hello to you! :)
Having lurked for a couple of days on the forums now and finally being able to start posting officially I've decided to discuss me little bit, OK, here we go.
I've been playing MMOs on and off for about 10 years now, Started in World of Warcraft in 2005, got bored with it around five years ago so decided to move onto more interested and challenging games. Been drifting from MMO to MMO, I've decided I wouldn't mind experiencing something I missed out on as a teenager because well, couldn't afford a good PC until I was an adult and before that I was stuck with a console for playing online games for the better part of my teens. Kind of sucks, but them's the breaks of living in suburban Australia in the 90s and early 2000s.


A few of the games I've played in the past:
EVE Online, still playing it on and off, I log on a few times a week, still subscribed because I got very little else to do in regard to MMOs right now which interests me.
World of Warcraft for five years.
Actually bought the collector's edition of Star Wars The Old Republic. I was out of my right mind at the time ... quit after four months because I didn't like what EA was doing to the development team. And, the monetization direction they took. (Don't even get me started on the levels of anger I have for that...) even though it felt like WoW, I really liked the classes in the game and the abilities of my Bounty Hunter, the grapple flamer was an awesome combo to use :P

Bought the collector's edition of Guild Wars 2 because, again, I tend to not think when I open my wallet sometimes ... obviously. Least it's one of those things where even if you don't play the game anymore, least it's awesome in its own right, I mean who doesn't like Rytlock "Steve Blum" Brimstone, the guys a bad bottom. Unfortunately I lost interest after a couple of months, might go back to the game, but haven't thought of good enough reasons. The group of people I played with lost interest in the game and returned to WoW, the rest drifted to other games.


Tried out Neverwinter, didn't like how linear it is and the lack of content, also a very anti-social community, they don't seem to talk to each other.


Tried out a whole bunch of Korean MMOs, didn't like any of them either.


Tried out Tera, loved the combat in it, problem is because again I live in Australia, the latency makes it so it's hard to PvP, that and the rest of the game is a typical Korean MMO snooze fest.  I regrettably made a pass for those two reasons.


I tried my best to get into ArcheAge, because I thought it would be the MMO I would like to play, firstly I simply didn't like the art style, simple as that.  Also, the story and the world was boring, the only enjoyable part of it was really the sea battles and navel PvP, was an absolute blast, was just hard for me to find good Australian guilds on there.  I ultimately quit because I was tired of Trion's terrible servers and the heavy Pay2Win of the whole thing.


Well, that was a mouthful, hope I didn't bore anyone who had read it. Pretty sure I'm preaching to the choir and if so, I guess I've found the right community. :P

I'm tired of restrictions, that's why I switched to EVE, as much as I enjoy EVE, I want to play a new game, one that is fresh and from the start, not to mention I absolutely adore voxel games, so really looking forward to the destruction stuff and being able to place my own buildings and building on my own EK.


Again, it's wonderful to meet you all and hopefully I'll find some friends here.   ;)

Edited by Psyctooth
My hubris is the size of a 2 by 4 nailed to the side of a YF-12 jet barrel rolling into a volcano piloted by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Welcome Psyctooth! Glad you are here with us :)


I've been floating around as well looking for a great new game. Here's to hoping that Crowfall will be that game for all of us!

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Welcome to Crowfall, Psyctooth! It seems you've had some similar experiences with recent MMOs. I bought GW2 on launch, lost interest pretty quickly and then hopped around between games like Tera and ArcheAge, and lost interest again. I hope we both find what we're looking for in Crowfall.

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^ best synergy with the topic ever

But hi from me too :D


,,...You get killed over and over again, that doesn't mean the game is unbalanced - it means that You are a bad player" -JTC

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