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Scalamoosh - Shadowbane Veteran and Amber Backer [C$O]

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I'm a busy man, but what a better way to spend my lunch hour than finally getting around to claiming my backer rewards and preparing my introduction to the community!



Twelve years ago if, by chance, I read the box art on Shadowbane the exact day it released and immediately took it up to the register for a purchase. I was a 16 year old punk console gamer who, up to that point, only spent gaming hours on the computer playing a diku MUD, Shadowdale, that my older cousin had introduced me to a few years prior. I didn't know what to expect. I remember the day I booted it up and was blown away. I thought Shadowbane was amazing. I had a music playlist I would always play to. To this day when some of the earlier Seether songs from disclaimer come on, it triggers me picturing being out in the Elvish section of the Shadowbane Map chaotically fighting over the daily Commander rune! For the sake of time, let me jump ahead and just tell you that I still view Shadowbane as my favorite MMO experience of all time.


I was in several guilds throughout my Shadowbane tenure and part of several epic server-crashing battles. The guild I played with up until the end of my SB days was Cosmic $lammo of Corruption Nation Defenders of Aleria, and then later a stand-alone entity on the test servers. Atillo was the Guild Leader. He was very active in the community and well known. Good Guy.


During my time, my main character was a Centaur Druid by the name of Oden Pr0, a name which also represented my 16 year old forum player player persona. Everyone hated me ;). I had published several highly respected builds on Rivkah's Shadowbane Page including an unmatched Ranger Aracoix build that could zip around the map utilizing three stacked speed buffs. I also helped co-create a very controversial throwing dagger priest build that was later nerfed for being strongly overpowered.


The fundamentals of Shadowbane were unique and highly enjoyable. The community, server politics, and emergent game play of Shadowbane are the principles that set it apart from all other MMOs i've played to this day.


The main underlying factor in my deciding to back Crowfall was because of Todd Coleman's involvement and past work on Shadowbane. It was only after I did some recent reading and watching of interviews that I truly understood Todd's design philosophy. I was surprised to find I was in such very close agreement with it honesty. The key points being that games are currently trying to cater to the masses, the real lack of innovation in the MMO market, and players basing their feedback on what's out there vs. what could be. These points all hit home for me.


It is very hard for a game to immerse me these days. Having recently tried out EQ Next Landmark, TERA, TES:O, GW2, and the list goes on I can easily tell you I haven't seen any real innovation. TES:O had the community and the lore to make something special and then spent their efforts trying to blend their awesome franchise with WOW elements. Speaking of which, I have endless days logged against World of Warcraft, however, today if I scan my brain archives for memorable game moments there are not many. Shadowbane I played far less hours and have many more memories. I am in full agreement its time for something new and innovative and emergent. I don't think I've made it passed level 10 in any of the newer mmos before losing interest... 


As far as games i've enjoyed recently, mainly because they've brought new and successful innovations (and emergent game play) to the table, I've enjoyed playing Rust, Path of Exile and League of Legends. Path of Exile is something truly special considering it is AAA quality and absolutely free. I freaking love that game. Try it if you haven't.


Moving along, the main reason I chose to back Amber was so that I could get into the Alpha earlier and help the developers take the core content, what I consider the the redone and revised "lessons learned" Shadowbane shell, and turn it into something truly innovative.


As a current industry Quality Assurance Manager who spends his days entrenched in discussions with the developers improving the delivery method and with the customers, focused on enhancing the user experience, I cannot wait to jump into alpha and help provide my feedback. 


I Simply can't wait for Crowfall!



Loved Shadowbane.
Love what i've read on ArtCraft and the development team.
Glad something new and fresh is being inserted into the industry.
Can't wait to further support and play Crowfall!


edited 11.4 because i'm joining the play test tonight baby!

Edited by Scalamoosh
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Welcome to Crowfall! Your background is quite impressive and I'd love to see what you can do the character archetypes in Crowfall. I can definitely agree with you that the industry is getting stale and we need something to innovate (like crowfall), and shake things up a bit. I'm sure there are plenty of others who agree as well. Hope to see you around the forums, and in game, Scalamoosh.

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Why can't I give this multiple likes?

My hubris is the size of a 2 by 4 nailed to the side of a YF-12 jet barrel rolling into a volcano piloted by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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