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What's an intro?

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Hi, I actually forgot to make an intro when I joined!


I used to play a lot of WoW, When I did I was one of those pet collector guys and explorers but it was amazing doing it :). I kinda gave up but go back to it time from time because of its cost. Eventually I moved onto games like League and Tf2 and such and now here I am...waiting for crowfall so I can do stupid non-meta things or just stupid things in general. I'm 18 and basically have played games since I was like 8 or so. Lastly I guess is I like anime so yeah can't wait to see you guys in-game  :)

A ninja does not know how to fall. 

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A belated intro forum greeting to you.  As for exploring, I'm hoping that there will be a definite need for those who love to sneak about and see what's just over the next hill.

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