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Lineage 2 Classic

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Hi guys, I'm sure many of you played Lineage 2 in the glorious past days, when the game was hardcore, before the gonzoization!
I miss those days like they were a part of myself taken away from me, great memories, nostalgia... Well! Just wanted to tell you that NCSOFT launched a version called Lineage 2 Classic to fill the hearts of all people like me, and it's working currently in Korea and Russia (maybe Japan too).

We are fighting hard right now to bring it to the west, so Innova (EU publisher of Lineage 2) is collecting votes in order to decide about launching L2C or not. Even when it is Lineage 2 Classic EU, there are many NA players registered and waiting for it, just check the forums and see by yourself (you can also get some overdose of nostalgia in those forums xD).

Not going to overextend talking about it, just vote and make this a reality:



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Loved L2 back when it started and through the Chaotic Chronicles. I tried to get on L2C in Russia but trying to get a payment options setup from the US with all the sanctions was almost impossible. There are ways but just not worth the effort. Would be awesome if we could get it in the EU or US. I would definitely hit it up again while waiting for Crowfall.

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There are a lot of NA players already gathering in the forums! :D People prefers Innova over NCSOFT because NC doesn't give a damn about bots and server's health. By the way, NC west didn't announce any plans for L2C NA so we're all with Innova's EU version. You can find here a lot of stories of old players that are reuniting, most of them from old NA servers, there's also a NA clan recruiting in the clans subforum:



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