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Let's Play Champions of Regnum (Realm of Syrtim)


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So RvR is my jam (first MMO: DAoC) and I'd love to find a homebase until CF comes out.


So, who wants to play Champions of Regnum with me?


I started trying it out yesterday and got to level ten, where you then pick your subclass. I correctly saved up my skillpoints (though respecs are possible, as well as saving your favorite respec using the item mall so you can load up different builds) and have a wonderful mix of tankish skills. I really need a healer though. I don't see ANY healing capabilities for the Warrior and frankly, I like that.


Leveling seems fastest as a group killing mobs, which is my favorite way to play PvE.


And then the endgame is straight up DAoC RvR.


Something crazy though. THERE IS NO TAB TARGETING. At least, without mods, if mods exist. And I love it! I'm becoming very fond of having to click in my enemy. Movement speed isn't anything crazy, so as long as they don't have ridiculous speed buffs in pvp I think it will remain a fun mechanic to me.


I've got a bunch of screenshots and more info to share once I get back to my computer. But here's my idea:


If you decide to try this out, join the Realm of Syrtis and post your character name here. I'll add you and as soon as possible we'll start a CF Community guild. From there, we'll see how far this game takes us. I'm having fun now. But maybe it won't last. Or maybe we'll be the most powerful guild on the only NA server and strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. Maybe a rival guild will begin on another faction. 


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in game!



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This game is pretty cool for its PvP but I find the leveling very boring : quests and grind from what I've seen. I had a character named Estabien in Syrtis, played the game about 2 weeks to practice Spanish, a lot of Argentinians are playing it.  :P

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Screw yer sylvan Syrtim elf-kin folk! They already outnumber the other two realms combined, get axed in yer chiseled arse


~Sincerely Alsius


Oh man, is Syrtis the biggest Realm? I'd actually rather be part of one of the smaller two. What do you think? But also, nice post. :D

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Its the Elven realm, so of course its overpopulated with roleplayers and female elves. Go Alsius, go DWARF. Alsius needs the population more than anyone. Hell if you're serious about it maybe you can have my account, i aint played in awhile.

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