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League of Legends

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If you guys want to see a cool game where League/Dota MOBA combat PvP mechanics meets Crowfall's MMO metagame, check out this new game: Das Tal. It's the world's first MMOBA, open world sandbox MOBA MMORPG. Looks exactly like the vision of Crowfall -- campaigns with an end, meaningful conflict, etc. -- but wed to the heavily skill based combat of MOBA games (skill shots, no automatic "chance to dodge" mechanics, etc.).

Here's a video example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yin403NLG0


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I used to play LoL but now i prefer to play heroes of the Storm.


Imo is a best game and with Blizzard lore.



Cant wait till kael thas hits 10k. Been playiin illidan lately, 4 wins in row!

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