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This is why we can't have nice things...


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I've noticed a recent trend in starting ridiculous threads for suggested "features" to be included in Crowfall.


I can only assume that the OPs feel this is their way of responding to suggestions that they feel are directly counter to the FAQ or are completely against the stated design goals of Crowfall.


Your jokes are not helping.  If we continue to abuse and clutter the avenues of discussion outlined by the Developer team they will eventually stop reading any ideas from us as a community.  We've all played games that have left us jaded as stated goals are not realized or the design is radically changed to appeal to a broader playerbase.


This is not that game.  If you really think ACE will take a complete 180 on the direction they've outlined for Crowfall based on an idea they read here.. you aren't listening to everything they've said.


Ignore the suggestions that don't make sense, chuckle to yourself, but don't turn this subforum into a place the developers avoid as only poor suggestions and fake suggestions are made.






Boy who cried wolf.  Community = boy, ideas = wolf, developers = village ignoring the boy.  Stop purposefully posting bad ideas.  I'm watching you.  Warnings will fly.




"Agelmar is King of the Hypocrites and Ruler of the Kingdom of Hypocrytia"

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