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The Hunger: Part I


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The first gasp came with the spasm of breaking through the surface of the water. But the depths from which I arose were not those of the physical realm. The next breath came easier and confusion set in, as I struggled to understand what was happening. As my breathing evened out, my mind began to grasp the situation. Again, they had brought me back. Again, I was awoken from the eternal rest. Just a pawn of the Gods. The petty, greedy, vengeful creatures that call themselves “divine” see fit to use me again in their schemes. A tool to be used in their struggles. A weapon to be wielded to settle their grudges.


I have been nothing more than that since my creation. A monster to frighten children into obedience. A monstrosity created as a warning to those that would disobey the laws as decreed by the Gods.


Why won’t they just let me rest? I never asked for this. This is not of my choosing. I closed my eyes as if I could simply will myself back into the ether, but of course it was pointless. I live at their call and die at their mercy.


My body restored, I began to feel it’s needs. The hunger grew stronger, mocking me…growing with each passing moment I refused to open my eyes, becoming unbearable as if they were twisting a knife in my gut to force me back to the mortal realm. I finally concede, opening my eyes to become once again a creature of the Gods.


I put a wobbly leg down on the ground to support me and felt the solid earth push back. There is a strange stability of form to this world that had been lost to me for so long. I felt the satisfaction of the Gods as I stepped out into the open air, sky darkening as dusk approached. What new group of mortals had dared show their independence this time? Who did they need me to bend to their will? What new cult needed to be punished for their blasphemy?


As my strength returned, I looked to the Gods for guidance. As night approached, I turned my gaze upwards to their home when I saw it. Consuming, twisting, distorting…Invading the home of the Gods. Whatever they have awoken me for, it must certainly involve this.



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