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Anyone notice The Current Stretch Goal was already achieved?

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As per their site:


::165,000$ Stretch Goal Unlocked::




  • European Beta Server
  • Localized website in 6 languages (German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian)
  • Hire a community manager to focus on overseas communities



::Current Stretch Goal::

$1.94 Million
  • Crowfall localized in 6 languages
  • German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian



I just copy pasted from their site..


If the goal was reached during a prior goal, why is it being asked again as another stretch goal?




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But according to the prior stretch goal which was achieved, it's already paid for..


What do they need the 90k for? <When you mention next one>

I think the first one was the localization of the website, while the current one is the localization of the game.

Ahh that makes more sense!

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First was physical server location (in English) distributed overseas.


Second is the in-game text translated to the listed languages.


Not even close to the same thing.

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ACE could just have a list of items that the UI uses for translation. then call from those list to display (ok so order might be off).  The community could create as many translations as needed.


I'd prefer to have the community do translations then let the people vote on which one is used.  This would promote community with the translations and save ACE in hiring someone to do the translation. 


The community could translate and they could hire a translation person to verify/slightly modify the files.  Again, saving ACE a bit of backer funds.

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