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Pricing FAQ page update

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I hope this is an appropriate post, as it isn't quite a bug, more of a suggested update to some information on an FAQ page.


On the Pricing FAQ page the 4th bullet point states: "Are there any restrictions on those character slots? Nope. You have access to all the archetypes." In this post, Gordon Walton mentions that, "For all new archetypes beyond the initial 12 offered, VIP customers will get a one month head start in using a character slot for those archetypes." I don't know if this is definitive or not, but the FAQ page should probably reflect this restriction on character slots.


Also, the 5th bullet point on the Pricing FAQ lists benefits granted by VIP membership but does not list the one month headstart on new archetypes mentioned by Gordon, apart from the catch-all, "Other cool (non-balance affecting) benefits as we think of them!"


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