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I need to see some mangy gophers. (art request)


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I want to see some skeevy mangy gophers, gophers with a viscious streak, and burns, and scars to prove their mettle, I want bare patchy spots, and ragged gopher ears, with a rattled presence with a manic sense of panic, and evasiveness, and cruel scheming eyes.


Anyone agreed?


Not just the princely courtly gophers with a regal air of the aristocracy but true salt of the earth, pluck and down right bad luck-gophers.


Champions of the ravaged, and rebellious pilgrim gopher class. Risen to the heights of a champion of the gods, but marked by a hard life, and an endless war for resources.



A gopher, for me.


The rogue gopher.

A gopher that would resent being called a gopher, and would make me regret every uttering of the gopher insult.

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Best idea ever,this is what was so amazing about the gw2 asuras .they could be cute and cuddly or scarred with clumpy hair and markings.


Love the idea!

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