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Anyone play it? It was another game I backed heavy on Kickstarter (and I know I posted the Crowfall Kickstarter URL there and some people were interested in Crowfall so there's some crossover). It's free to download and play.


It's a stretch to really call it an MMO, I think, but it is a ton of fun. It's still in beta with a lot of features not implemented just yet. The idea behind the game is 2 separate parts. The PvP part is much like a traditional TCG. You pay for booster packs (with a possibility of playing free, see 2 paragraphs down, and at very reasonable rates of real money if you spend), collect cards to build decks, play against friends or in tournaments (in fact they have a $100,000 tournament coming up soon), and all those cards have real money value (I've personally done well over $1k in sales, so they definitely have value).


The PvE part includes both solo content and 3 player Raids. This is the part that's mostly not implemented yet... just the Frost Ring Arena. How it will work though is that players have a map with a bunch of locations and a story to direct it all. Each location on the map will be an encounter, usually a card battle but sometimes other things as well (mini-games or whatnot). As you progress through you pick your path (and can unlock hidden paths), and each step of the way the things you do can affect the rest of the encounters and the story (you go to save a town, you start with a mayor card in play and if you keep him alive the whole time you keep him as a card in your deck... otherwise the story changes to address that he died, for example). The current Frost Ring Arena bit is an in-between thing for the PvE and PvP where players take a deck and go through a gauntlet of 16 fights against randomly selected AI fights/bosses. For completing PvE content you are rewarded with gold, special PvE only cards, and equipment (that you equip to your champion to give bonuses to specific cards in your deck).


I mentioned the free to play thing above... but the entire PvE experience is 100% free. You have to pay nothing to play through all of the content they add and you can earn all of the PvE rewards from playing for free. You can then take those rewards to the auction hall and turn them into the PvP rewards by trading with other players. Now, it's going to take a lot of time if you're trying to earn things like a full booster pack instead of buying individual cards... but you CAN turn time spent in PvE into the paid PvP rewards.


Anyway, this is a lot longer than I was expecting. If anyone joins and needs some help, I am Svenn in game (and I can toss some free common cards to new players).



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Wow, it has Dwarves. I'm shocked. I'll play it. The lore is... interesting. Neat twists, dark dwarves are refreshing to see. Although calling them beings of pure chaos is... pretty silly, considering everything else. Hard to be a race of pure chaos AND a race that crafts, builds, and engineers. Thats like, the opposite of chaos, that stuff requires order and care.

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