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Looking For Group system?

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I'm really excited for Crowfall and my anticipation grows with every update - but I am admittedly not the most social player, and I typically shy away from most multiplayer settings in favor of accomplishing quests and small victories on my own. Obviously, Crowfall appears to be intended for almost total multiplayer gameplay, as would make sense for its vision of up to legion-scale tactics and coordination.


My question is, are there any "Looking For Group" systems planned to be put in place to act as an outlet for less-than-vocal players like myself to link up with groups and guilds within campaign worlds for group coordination, or will reaching out via community forums, etc be the expected go-to?


Jumping to conclusions, I foresee a standard open chat system as baseline in popular MMOs being a safe bet. Additionally, as a possible solution, auto-grouping for players not grouped in advance might be a plus, like Planetside 2's system that made attempt to get the ball rolling, or Destiny's fireteam assembler that works off of a voluntary queue (though that may be more fitting to their style of quick, direct objective run-and-gun, but you're the pros!). In my opinion, anything more than having to spam random messages/whispers and wait for acceptance into the communication is a positive feature! 


Looking forward to more updates!

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There probably will be options that ask if you want to team with group members, guild members, or select friends that you want to group up with.

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I like the idea.


In Planetside 2 the really big outfits often ran open platoons so people could join in case they wanted.

It's an easy way to get at least a little bit of coordination going.

Especially in the Faction and God campaigns, this should be pretty sweet.

It helps guide newbies and also helps them find a place in the world.


I can't see it being used often in the inner rings, but it's certainly a good thing overall.

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I think a lack of any sort of group-finding system would be surprising, with everything else as thoroughly thought out. Just don't want to see players "lost in the woods", metaphorically and literally, haha.

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