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Hermaeus Mora Here

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Hey guys! I've been creeping around these woods since 12 hours after the kickstarter ended =(
I don't post much but I've been reading most everything, just wanted to say hey!

Sapphire backer here, still clawing my eyes out for missing the kickstarter (I REALLY WANT THE ARCANE CRAFTING STYLE)

Anyways, I'll be starting up a guild sooner or later, but I want to make sure it's well fleshed out before I post it up, so if you decide you love me for no apparent reason then keep an eye out.

I love every aspect of this game, which is probably the most difficult part. I enjoy mages, warriors, rogue types, economics, crafting, raid leading, raid-not-leading, scouting, building poorly made socks, etc.

P.S. also feel free to donate your kickstarter account to me if you decide you hate the game or just really want me to have that crafting style kthxbai  :ph34r:

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