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Azure Sky


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Hey there everyone!



Crowfall has my interest and I want to have fun playing it together with friends.  I've done the big guild stuff and had a blast, being in one of the top Supergroups on City of Heroes in its prime, but for some reason, I'm just not feeling being part of something with 100s of members where I feel so distant from everyone else.


I want to start a guild with a group of people that want to have fun, win campaigns, grow a kingdom, and become friends in the process.  MMOs aren't fun when you take the Massively out of them.  I'm not looking to create a gigantic guild, but one that is not too big and not too small.  I want to have a team that works together to achieve our goals.  I want to be the best.



Now, I know that this is the hope of all guilds.  That's just the reality of a competitive game like Crowfall.  But I believe you can be the best through quality, not just quantity.  I want to be a guild that people know of, not just because of our achievements, but because of how we compose ourselves.


With that in mind, I came up with Azure Sky.  There's a couple reasons why I chose that name, but the general idea is that we lead to a brighter day.  I hope you'll join me in that brighter day.



If you're interested, reply here and we can talk.  I'd love to start a Skype group for members so that we can get to know each other before Alphas really kick into high gear.



Thanks for your time everyone.

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