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Sellsword Syndicate [Mercenary Guild]

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Welcome to the Sellsword Syndicate [sS] thread!


Table of Contents:


  1. Our Idea
  2. The Premise
  3. How It Will Work
  4. Hierarchy
  5. FAQ (soon)

Our Idea

I wanted to create this “guild” to give lower-end guilds the opportunity to hire more experienced fighters to add to their army, or if they don’t have the funds, some of the lesser-known fighters to join them. This will be a system to allow a player to earn a name for him/herself in Crowfall, and to earn more in-game money by becoming a sellsword, or mercenary. I also wanted to create this “League” of sorts to pull in the community, not to benefit any one person. I would like to pull mercenaries from all over the realm, from the smallest 4-man party all the way to the largest guild, to become a sellsword underneath the guidance of myself and a selected few. We will not command, only advise. This means that if there is a proposal to fight alongside someone, and you feel the pay is inadequate, you will not be forced to fight and deals will be struck to insure your contentedness.


The Premise

The premise behind what I am attempting to start will be focused on the guilds that participate, not the people that make the deals. This is a syndicate, which means that it requires multiple guilds to get it started. I ask for 4, if not 3, guilds to become the larger, more sought after, and higher paid. These 4 guilds will elect leaders to represent them in our syndicate. Then, in a Kingdom I will create, ⅕  of the land will be given to each of the 4 representatives (⅕ to the Sellsword Syndicate official guild) and then the mercenaries from each guild can set up their homes in that region. Any further guilds will be added on at a later date, or could ask to reside within an existing guild’s area.


When a leader of a guild separate of ours asks for mercenaries to fight in his campaign, we will designate a price for each soldier he/she wishes to recruit. Payment will be given to each soldier as soon as the campaign ends, or when the time specified is up. The representatives will set a max time on their fighters respectively. Each representative is also required to understand who is well-recognized as a mercenary in their guild and also to set their price accordingly. My job is to retrieve that information as it constantly updates, and strike deals with buyers. It is also not going to be uncommon to be hired alongside another guild, so it is best if there are no quarrels between the guilds.



How It Will Work



The government will work most closely to that of a socialist state. The taxes that will be in place will be to pay of maintenance on the buildings. No more, no less. If there is a donation towards the cause, that money will be sent into a pool that would be the “insurance” of each fighter. Everyone is going to be equal. If a large group of people do not agree with their representative, they can hold their own isolated election for a new one. However, if the quarrel is about the price of a fighter, then I will be the man to talk to after your representative. Although I may be “monarch”, my powers will not be abused or tampered in the slightest. I exist to keep the peace in the syndicate, and to gauge the correct price for mercenaries. I do not exist to rule over the people.


Guild Sections

Each section of the kingdom will be separated equally among the 4 guilds that make up the syndicate. If more guilds apply, then they will be added later on depending on their respective size. If you belong to a guild that is moderately large, however not large enough to gain land in the kingdom, you will still elect a representative. If the syndicate grows, I expect a large number of representatives. Until then, I will judge the size of each guild to determine whether or not it can have a representative. (It will most likely be 20+ members for the time being.)



Payment will occur as such:
  • 75% to the mercenaries
  • 25% to the insurance pool
    Insurance in case any items were lost in battle. (Evidence will be required in order to gain compensation)
  • Well-known mercenaries will be paid more (Obviously)
  • Guilds that are smaller will obtain the same amount as the larger ones, so long as you have equally matched fighters.
  • Representatives will account for each fighter’s price, and I will add 25% to the overall amount to serve the insurance.
  • Donations will go to either the insurance pool or growing our kingdom, unless specified otherwise.
  • ​​Payment for whole campaigns will be explained below.​​


Campaigns will be extremely expensive to purchase mercenaries. To motivate the mercenaries to fight for your cause, they will receive only 75% of their payment if they are to lose a campaign. The guild that is purchasing the mercenaries can, however, change this number. 75% is the default, though. Any and all drops gained from campaigns that a mercenary picks up is considered theirs. If they receive a blessing, it would be best that they place it in the Sellsword Syndicate Kingdom, however it is not required.

Although every mercenary is equal, there has to be some sort of order. The hierarchy of the Sellsword Syndicate and each position’s roles include:
  • Monarch (Me)=Bargain prices with buyers/ keep the kingdom in order/ keep information on each guild’s prices.
  • Representatives (Noble)=Set the prices of the mercenaries/ make sure they are happy.
  • Trusted (Vassal)= The voice of the people/ tell the representatives what the mercenaries are thinking (Each representative can have as many Trusted as he/she wishes)
  • Champion=The best mercenary in each Guild (Assigned by the representative)

In the end, view the Sellsword Syndicate as a “blanket organization”. It unites several guilds so that they may fight alongside each other. In being a mercenary of a guild, you could bring great triumph and honour in its name and make a name for yourself among other players.

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