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Milestone 1: Combat testing - Official discussion thread

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"Things are moving forward nicely on our first major milestone, so let's talk a bit about what we will be testing and when!"   FULL NEWS STORY

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Since I know there is no way they'll need an amber just yet   higher pledges: please actually criticize the game, most beta/alpha tests have a large group of people who say the "its just beta/alpha/

ACE offices look like a game design sweatshop.



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You are so incredibly helpful, CYT. I don't know how I ever managed to do anything before we met. I was just bumbling my way through life, all lost-like. Thank you. My blessing cup runneth over.


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Sound great! Now get back to work. Poster on whiteboard, no post it notes in any pictures. DAMN IT!

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On 6/9/2015 at 3:44 PM, Tyrant said:


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We're still working out the details, but we want to try to build a wrapper around the experience so that it isn't just an arena "death match," meaning that we'd like to have a game system that gives you context for who you are fighting and why. The key is that we'll see what we can do without wasting effort on "throw-away" code that isn't going to advance towards the eventual game vision. That said, if we can complete a simple and engaging wrapper, we'll do it!


Could that be done with a Bloodstone that you have to move across the landscape towards POIs?  Let the testers make a simplistic game of rubgy out of it, providing some competitive angle but also a focus point to encourage combat.  A couple ACE refs and you are good to go!


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And suddenly all the fourms change from the EK to pvp

Nice breath of fresh air, tbh.




I agree 100% with the order in which you're tackling these systems. I would hate to see such a great idea go to waste because the core of the game isn't nailed down perfectly. I'm also glad you guys aren't going the route of throwing out an arena with putting actual skills in place for players to bicker over, that is already a huge headache in other 'alpha' games.


I think Ren brings up a good idea. Throwing in a few castles with a watered down version of the bloodstone ruleset would be a pretty fun test imo.

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I think Ren brings up a good idea. Throwing in a few castles with a watered down version of the bloodstone ruleset would be a pretty fun test imo.


still I wouldn't expect much more than a plain "test" environment and basic models. 


But anyway nice to see this milestone. Really looking forward to hear more info about it. 

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I do agree that feel of a skill is what gives foundation to a PvP based game.  It's like the graphic of the game, if the combat system holds its own like Crowfall's graphic, I'm sure the game will be more successful than it already is. Thank you ACE for the update.


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Awesome write up, it sounds like ACE has the right mind set behind alpha/beta testing. This is quite refreshing. I hope I can be a part of it in the near future, as I love this part/time of gaming. Lets hammer on that combat and get it fleshed out. This is definitely a game breaker if it isn't tight and fun.


Also, it is good to hear things are moving along so nicely. I wouldn't have expected to hear about testing for some time later in the summer. Test it early and test it often, that is the best way to refine everything :)

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well, let's hope the whales know what they're doing then :)

Don't see why they wouldn't. Just because one can afford a more expensive KS package doesn't mean they are bad or lesser gamers.


Besides like they just said there will be many tests and they will add testers as they need. So not like they are going to have a set in stone Combat system after a few days of testing.

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Combat is the reason many MMOs fail in my opinion. It needs to feel fluid and responsive at all times. 


Is there anything similar in the market you are aiming for? From the videos we have seen something like Smite's combat system would fit perfectly!

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There are 25 pre-alpha testers from Kickstarter. I don't now how many there are from pledges on the website, but I'm going to guess not more than 3, given the amount of money raised vs the number of people who have pledged. Hopefully they need about 50 people and most of the people who pledged before me are lower than Sapphire :)

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