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Language Learning (remember SWG?)

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I was always trying to learn how to speak ghost in UO. OOooo oOOooOooOO OOooO


I enjoyed it in EQ, in the beginning, but it ends up you and a friend sitting there typing stuff to each other to learn and really doesn't promote interaction between other players.

Language spam groups...

God, how did we have so much time back then?


This game looks like a larger scale version of marvel heroes so far with forts.  - nephiral marts 7 2015


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I seemed like a cool idea in SWG too, until you realized it didn't really add anything to the game because it was simple to learn to understand every language that existed, thus removing any reason to use them, which just pushed everyone in to speaking basic and ignoring all the other languages.


A better version of language learning would be racial or even guild languages that can't necessarily be taught to anyone, or attaching some cost to teaching languages so that it's very difficult or impossible to learn all the languages that exist within the first day you play.


Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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It was slightly interesting in SWG because we didn't know any better. When ArcheAge used it to block chat between factions, I hated it. We ended up having to use our pets/mounts are walking billboards, changing their names to speak. 


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