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<EU> Polling Interest Setting Up GvG Guild

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I am working on the foundations of setting up a guild for Crowfall. The hardest part is that I cannot do it alone and to continue I need co-founders.


Rough premise:

- GvG (Shadow/Dregs)

- Extensive focus on guild politics

- Semi-hardcore (gameplay taken serious, but no second job)

- Based on historic elements

- medium/large scope, structured


This is merely a very shallow post to poll interest. Once I finish up the details, I will do a second, proper polling post with much more structure, but I was wondering if there were perhaps already players out there looking to set up a guild.


If you are interested in potentially founding a guild with me, you can leave a reply here or PM me so we can share contact details and we'll discuss to see if our ambitious match. I plan on it being a collaborative process, not me shoving my despotic ideas down your throat :)


My personality: pragmatic, benevolent, ambitious -- loves languages, cultures, history, politics, programming, science.

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