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Hello everyone, I go by the game name Ariael and I am 33 years old.


I have been playing MMOs for about 12 years in games such as LOTRO, Wildstar, Guild Wars, Archeage and before that I played in FPS games.


I have done everything in games from hardcore to casual.


I found crowfall a couple of weeks ago and have since spent a lot of time looking into the game and watching all the Dev videos to check out gameplay, mechanics and of course to see the size of the grind.

Anyways I look forward to seeing this game in its glory and experiencing what I think is looking to be a pretty awesome and unique game!

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Woah the diamond badge looks sick Wonderhall


Welcome to Crowfall Ariael!

[TB] The Balance
Nation of Equilibrium

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Welcome to the Crowfall forums Ariael!

Grab a grain a salt and stay a while! :)


What's one thing you're hoping to see from Crowfall?

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Been around the MMO Block...


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One thing I want to see in any MMO is the level grind eliminated, the fact that Crowfall has no EXP and instead focuses on skill progression both passively and in active training is just brilliant.

I hate it when a new expansion comes with 10 new levels and you have to spend xxx time questing or crafting to hit level cap again, in between work, this way it helps the people who can't commit to level 8-10 hours a day by being logged in.


All in all what I have read and watched so far the game is very appealing (bare in mind a lot to read and I heard about Crowfall 3 days ago) still plenty to read up on. Also think the EK system is great!

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