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We're all supporters. You know, like a jock strap or a bra.

That was kind of gross, I dont know why I liked it. I probably shouldn't have, but its too late now.

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I think it's important to understand the difference between wanting more information and thinking that you're owed more information.


I'm  not confused at all about what I'm "owed".  As someone that gave money in the Kickstarter. I'm owed exactly what was listed as my KS rewards.


I'm not owed information.  I love the info but it's not owed to me.  As someone who is interested in playing this game I want as much info as I can get but there's no way that I can demand that it be given to me.


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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I am happy to wait until they feel the time is right to release anything.. They are doing a tremendous job of communicating with the community!

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To be clear, you guys maybe emotional invested in the game, but you are not investors in ArtCraft.  Those are very different things; being an actual investor has legal ramifications.  crowdfunding NOT = investing.


A better statement would be:


You are backers, who we intend to transform into incredibly happy customers !




We're consumers who've purchased a build order, and a promise of efficient value for high risk.


What I've given isn't a donation. I agree we're not investors.


Whether or not its called a donation or not, legaleez.

Edited by Zomnivore

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