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Guild Wars 2 - Expansion


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Who of you will come back for it when the expansion lands? About me:


I am not sure, if I will - played this game for 5k hours, but it made me quit because the Company was not sure for around 2 years where the game will head ("living story" which sucked and was the worst thing that could happen to the game).

It's similar to Tera in a sense that the base combat mechanic is purely awesome, but the game around it was only fun for a certain time / sucks really hard. I did stick to it that long because of the combat, but at some point you simply burn out.

After doing everything in PvE and getting the feel that it was too easy (dungeons, fractals, open world, simply everything), I moved to WvW which also didn't give me a challenge - it's mostly a huge zerg fest, and the reward is based on taking objectives, not on defending them or killing people, also it is not balanced in any way.

At last I went hardcore PvP, but the balance team only implements changes every half year, so you have an everlasting meta which get's boring really fast and on top of that required less skill every half year update through buffing play stiles with low risk/reward ratio like bruisers and killing the ones with high risk/reward like dps builds.


If the expansion gives me challenging PvE, I will come back and make it my PvE game and Crowfall my PvP game, but if not I won't come back.

For PvP and WvW: The competitive side of GW2 bled out since launch and will never get to a level of real competition and playability without Anet taking a huge shift in their mindset and focusing on that game aspect, over thinking their philosophie - what they won't do. (Which is especially sad since GW1 had a huge and good PvP part).


That's what I'm hoping for the most with Crowfall  - good PvP in an open World scenario where Objectives have a meaning. Which GW2 will never give.


,,...You get killed over and over again, that doesn't mean the game is unbalanced - it means that You are a bad player" -JTC

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Depends. As PvE oriented as GW2 is.. I thoroughly enjoy the combats feel.


Was a little confused at why the Guards new spec was called Dragonhunter and not Paragon, but its ANets game so... /shrug


That's said I primarily play SPvP or Roam the BLs now on my thief (its been awhile since I've been out there)... no risk, so why worry about death...

[TB] The Balance
Nation of Equilibrium

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