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DIY Enchanting?

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So, enchanting popped into my head so I looked up the info on it to see if there was anything I missed. There wasn't much. There was "you could bind the spirit of an Elven Blademaster into your sword" as had been said many times in many interviews and articles. Then I read a line I had missed, "Soul gems are used to capture Thralls, transfer them, and bind them into crafting (and enchanting) recipes."


I had thought enchanting would be a matter of capture Elven Blademaster > bind to sword > sell enchanted sword. Having enchantment recipes changes things. Will we be able to focus the thralls in one area, such as piercing armor? Make them stronger? Bind them strongly so they are less likely to try to escape? Will they essentially just be ingredients so that we can harness their spiritual energy to make whatever type enchantment we please?


What do you all think? All thoughts/ideas/fever dreams/drug induced visions are welcome.

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I dunno, but I think it'd be kind of cool if enchanting were something that had to be performed "co-op" with a crafter.


It's just really easy for Enchanting to be basically "item-buffing." This hilt I made out of Rose Gold gives +7% to weapon speed. Now, I'm going to take it to this Enchanter to get another +5% weapon speed!


Ya know? So, I just hope it feels like an actual different craft, and not just item-buffing.

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They way they say Thralls are gathered in the first place, my guess... and I literally mean just a random guess...


Players out in the wilds will be able to get the Thralls and bring them back to the crafter.  Depending on the weapon/armor, it will have a slot for a soul gem.  You can have the crafter slot it for you.  Maybe they'll add in some RNG... maybe only a "weaponsmith" can slot weapons and "armorsmith" slot armor, etc.  Again, purely speculation.




Enchanting may be its own crafting profession by itself.  In which case, that opens up a whole new case of worms.

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Maybe instead of enchanting, it could be called something different. Enchanting implies the application of magic to something, using a thrall is different. Like animal taming, you are capturing and bending the will of a living (albeit disembodied) being to do your bidding.

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I figure you can get one "always on" buff from the thrall bound to the item, and possibly a power (or two) that the thrall can cast on a limited basis, using your mana.


The enchantment process would let you figure out just which of the thrall's abilities you can harness when you activate the enchanted item.

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