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Archetype: Demolition Man

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Strength: 2/10 

Dexterity: 7/10

Intellect: 4/10



 Type: Specialist



The Demoman appears to be a young human man, around 18 to 24 years of age. He wears a rather large metal hat on his head (to protect him from explosives) that almost covers his eyes. He wears a camouflage-dyed cotton uniform, and wields a single knife for disabling mines and protecting himself when cornered, and a variety of explosives.


The Demolition Man (for lack of a better name) deals with anything explosive. Like mines and etc. There abilities should rovolve around planting mines in areas that could weaken the enemy. The Demoman is also a master of blowing up enemy foundations.


This would add a cool dynamic to crowfall. Your going to need to be aware if you dont want to be blown to smithereens.


The mines will probably take 10 to 30 seconds to plant, depending on what type of thing you are planting.


Demolition Man can also help his team in the fray of battle by disabling enemy Demoman mines and etc. Demomen should have some kind of "keen eye" perk where it is easier for them to detect enemy explosives or something along the lines. The Demoman should have a medium amount of health, although he cant stand a 1v1 against most other archetypes (he holds a small knife in his hand that isnt very effective in a fight. But its good for disabling mines and etc...) The Demolition Man should also be a decently fast archetype.


Some Ability Ideas:


Plant landmine- Takes 20 seconds to plant a mine that explodes on contact with a enemy or enemies. Automatically is disabled after 5 minutes.


Plant Bouncing Betty landmine- A mine that bounces in the air when it comes in contact with a enemy, providing a large area of destruction. Takes 27 seconds to plant, and is automatically disabled after 5 minutes.


Plant TNT- Plants TNT on a enemy wall that when detonated, cripples or even destroys the wall. Must be connected to a fusebox or will not detonate.


Seek and Destroy- For 30 seconds, all enemy mines and other explosives "glow" to the player and take 5 less seconds to difuse.


Secret Techniques- Turns a enemy mine into a friendly mine, takes 30 seconds to turn it on your side. Only last 20 seconds before it is auto-diffused.


Welp, those are some ideas (take with a grain of salt, the ideas are probably pretty bad.)


Im not sure if there should be a limited amount of mines that can be planted at once, but if the Archetype was to be implented I would leave the balancing and etc to Artcraft Entertainment ;)

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Yeah, they 'might' allow us access to rifles on a wider scale somehow but only the Duelest has access to guns/gunpowder that we know of right now.

"Lawful Good does not always mean Lawful Nice."

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