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Fishing & Hunting into Crafting

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Greetings Crows!  :ph34r:


Alright, to kick this off I wanted to start by saying that I simply love resource gathering, crafting and all the scenery and comradery along the way. I think we can all agree that we really want to see some amazing systems put into the game for all things: crafting, gathering and hunting/camping. Systems I want to see Crowfall take points from and build off of are those found in: Runescape, Monster Hunter and Archeage, among others. (Yes I said Runescape, don't hate lol).





(Points of discussion in this thread)



  • fly, regular, cage and net fishing, river, lake and ocean fishing - (fresh water/salt water)
  • fish species and their respective geography locations
  • seasons, spawning and migration 
  • boats & ships 
  • rare finds
  • gathering drops (special ingredients)
  • trophies



  • tracking
  • seasons and migration
  • Special and rare materials (gathering drops)
  • trophies 
  • taxidermy?



  • Leather working
  • Use of special and rare materials (gathering drops) from beasts and monsters
  • Light armor
  • Medium Armor
  • Fun character titles acquired through crafting


Skill and Disciplines 

  • Forging and Leather working separate or sub classes of one skill?
  • Discipline runes for gathering/crafting
  • Tracking








Rare Finds & Trophies

For fun, as well as maybe some titles, I would LOVE to see some rare/funny finds thrown in to fishing. For example finding that old leather boot at the bottom of the lake - making it a highly rare 'drop' when fishing - can only be found in lakes, maybe rivers as well and can be made into a trophy/gag for your trophy wall. Getting funny titles after having tons of fishing experience like: 'weed drag'er' or 'something smells fishy' , etc...














Medium Armor

Mixes both leather working and metal working, as it has both elements in its recipe. Really want to see some options to add in special material from animal/monster drops - like the crafting system found in Monster Hunter. Where you are literally arming and protecting yourself with the scales/hides and claws/teeth of the beasts in the world.

Medium armor-> a higher level sub branch of leather working and forging, can be obtained faster if you have both skill sets, but still attainable if you do not (since we are limited to only 3 skills and 3 disciplines). OR yet another subbranch under crafting as a whole (if forging and leather working are a part of the same skill).

Economy - I kinda still want to see them as a separate skill from one another as this makes for a more diverse economy and market, allowing crafters to have niche markets and clientele.


Skill and Disciplines









Will edit and add the rest of what I wanted to include and bring up/expand on soon!


Please feel free to start adding your input and thoughts into this as well!



I know there are already some things within the crafting system and character progression system that are known about and solidified, and I will be bringing them up and expanding on them - adding to them in the post points.

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I'd love to see a much more active fishing system than "just cast, wait, pull." I mean, other forms of hunting are already basically a variant of stealth combat. And fishing is very similar to "combat" with the fish. You're not striking it, sure. But you're "fighting" it to get it into your hands and out of its habitat. 8P

This post brought to you by...
Lephys. Because everything's better with a smile facepalm.

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Im all into fishing hell yeaa!!onion_gifs_emoticons-16.gif

I loved fishing in Lineage,Archage has a very good fishing system also,i do hope they implement thisonion_msn_smilies-04.gif


TheHateCrew- core member

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I've always hoped to see fishing in this game, since there will be lakes and oceans because these are full-sized worlds, not just a single continent. They might start out small, but give them time and budget and they may grow to be ginormous worlds with great variety. This could lead to them getting out of the 'realistic' animals and create different looks and feelings. This game, due to its destructible worlds, has one huge advantage: experimentation. Maybe not all deer look the same. Maybe not all grazers on different worlds are deer. I'm sure there will be worlds that have very different beasts. Well, not at first, but certainly later on.


I hope the Hunger has an effect on what you loot from animals. Collecting defiled meat useful for traps but inedible unless you want to suffer. Fish that in the Spring are easily caught and killed, but in the Winter become as dangerous as anything on land. If there are ships sometime in the future (this will most likely NOT be in the game at first), think of going through only the central-most oceanic channels because everything around them has frozen over. If there are big fish resting near the bottom, this is a great time to bring them to the surface! Imagine a great, Hunger-infected sea-serpent rising from the deep to destroy your ship. That'll make you crap your pants!


While I do hope both Hunting and Fishing will be very dynamic, that is a very difficult thing to pull off, especially since creatures in game are there simply to make your life harder, not to be the central focus of the story. But if the sea-serpent thing does come about, I expect that beast to have some awesome drops! The focus is to destroy each other and gain victory over other players in grand-scale PvP, but throwing in mean beasties to screw up your poorly made socks is definitely a great direction to go! Looking forward to getting my head bitten off by one of those beautiful Wyverns someday <3

Can we have a Bard? If not as an Archetype or Promotion, then maybe a Discipline?


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Fishing and Hunting seem more like Gathering and even an extension of combat than crafting. Using materials from any source to craft doesn't necessarily make the gathering act crafting, and given the societal interdependence, it should operate as a separate yet related activity.


Hunters and Gatherers, crafters and builders, fighters and defenders. They are all separate trades with several specializations, but just because a player can cross train to preform all the trades from acquisition to finished product doesn't mean that the activities should be directly tied. Specialization and cooperation make a deeper world.

a52d4a0d-044f-44ff-8a10-ccc31bfa2d87.jpg          Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes... Than if they're upset, they'll be a mile away, and barefoot :P

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