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Anyone else having fun in real life applying CF filters to spice up their daily cursing?


I have to admit, having 3 kids, it is good for me to apply some filters (not that i swear a ton in front of my kids, but it has happened...that, and they are all teens now, so they probably swear like sailors anyways)


"What the custard" is a favorite followed by "Knock that poorly made socks off"


The kids look at me like "what the custard is he talking about" as I chuckle to myself.



I'll finish this up with a favorite episode of Spongebob:



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We used to have this on an old forum I was on. We would take random words and 'hitler' them (the filter for filter...). It was amazing and yes, I do roll them out in daily speech!

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Forum filters are the only thing stopping these forums from making people feel like it's a personal attack....you custard degenerate poorly made socks eater.

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i don't curse

Me neither! In college, I picked up saying Fudge instead of the f-bomb after a marathon watching of a certain TBS favorite at Christmas time. My friends actually took to saying "Skittles" instead of curse words to poke fun at me... and like the forums, it was habit forming for some of them.


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Definitely!  Tully's filter is one of my favorite things!


And not cursing around my copy-cat 2 yr old is good... 




If only I actually applied it in real life... 

Tully Ackland

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If only I actually applied it in real life... 


First time I read that custard word, I just guess that was what it meant... even now, I hardly associate it with food  ^_^


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