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What attracted you to the game

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The words "Play to Crush" from the creator of Shadowbane was all it took to attract me to this game.

Todd & Company referred to the disenfranchised players that were their early supporters as identifying with an MMORPG as "home" and not being able to find one that felt like that for a long time.

I first came on board because Koster was involved.  I learned it was a sandbox and got pulled in further, learned it was PvP centric and ran for the hills.  Some stubborn part of me stuck around - mainly because of the folks on these boards - and then I got really interested in the game as a whole. 

Came because of Koster, stayed because it's a really great game design.


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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My attraction to Crowfall was similar to most people's I'm sure. The primary reason was the random procedural generation mechanics. The fact that the game takes on rogue-like qualities in the level (campaign) design, but the addition of having permanent characters is amazing. You get the MMO progression without the MMO grind. Of course, having open world PvP adds endless replay-ability. I wouldn't call it a MOBA, but I would say it shares some concepts with games like Diablo III, particularly if you take into account adventure mode. But then there's levels of complexity that only an MMO can contain, layered on top. It just seems like the ultimate PvP playground, that meets the depth of the RPG systems we love, with some random elements to keep things fresh. If nothing else, Crowfall promises to do some things different, and that's a step in the right direction. 

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To be honest, the eternal kingdoms are what drew me. That, and the dying worlds. And voxel-based destruction. Basically, the three things I've wanted from every MMO for years but never got.


Destiny shall draw the Lightning down from Heaven; Roll its thunder far across the Sea,

To where I wait upon the Shore of Wonder, On the day the Sky is Opened, and the Tree is split asunder.

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I got drawn here for the crafting and how effects your overall progression of your character. 

Cant wait to start crafting and making my own armor and weapons. :D

Edited by Diavolo
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The most important thing that it could possibly ever offer.


An address to solving server stagnation and suggesting to bring MMOs in tow to making them GAMES instead of economy simulators with P2W.


Everything else is backseat to that as far as I'm concerned. Why? You could make a ton of PvP MMOs or PvE mmos and none of them really work without addressing this key issue to breaking meta cycles and server stagnation.


The board game philosophy is why I'm here.

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I was actually trying to find content about another game I pledge money for. Sadly, that game is not going the direction i was hoping for.  The good news is the $110.00 I spent on the other game led me to this game. I consider 360.00 for my Amber bundle a bargain- and I guess maybe some day the other game will be worth a look too......I hope.


Either way they had me sold with their introductory pitch- they addressed what I consider to be the largest problem in all MMO's.  I don't know if this is the solution to stagnation and uncle Bob syndrome, but it sure does seem like it is.  


On another note, I LOVE sales and when I do the math my Amber package is worth at least 1200 bucks so $250.00 is a HUUUUUUUUGGGGE sale. 


If you have not already done so find a KS backer and spend at least the (Now) $275.00 on an Amber Package because this game is going to be great and I don't think you'll have another opportunity to get such a good deal on it.

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I would say what attracted me to the world was the idea that my enemies could become my friends so easily. The idea that after a world resets you could decide to meet up with the guild you faced off with over and over again and become allies with them the next round of campaigns. 


Varius - Veteran Member of LG
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The Eternal Kingdoms and Ending Campaigns for sure.


Game of Thrones reference made me click the link. 


Shadowbane history made me read more.


The overall vision/structure made me a backer.


Chapter Leader


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