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Long time rper looking for heavy or medium rp-pvp guild (preferably CG/NG/LG/LN) alignment

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East Coast player here though I mainly play during late night PST due to work, I'm seeking a heavy rp-pvp guild one that hardly breaks character. I'm probably going to be going for a ranger of some sort as my pvp specialty is taking out specialized targets any means necessary and I'm VERY interested in the rescue abilities of the Ranger as well. I'm preferably seeking a EK that is looking to not only be good at pvp but also gets deep into heavy/medium rp as well and doesn't separate the two. (Even if our enemies are not rping at all). EK's that have a conquering theme (but not necessarily evil - more like "we are conquering you so you can join our wonderful kingdom for all ;P as I'm totally not looking to be in the EK of demon worshippers or necromancers) types are fine as well so I am definitely open to LN EK's.


What I'm looking to do


Crafting weapons and armor

PVP but more on the search and rescue and when necessary big name assasinations


Be a baron or some other position as I will be going for probably a medium or large keep and more than likely a small castle of some sort from the bundles, yes I'm looking for land to have a small town or city possibly


RP a shopkeeper - merchant trader, ranger, weaponsmith


My ranger will be NG if joining a good guild and LN if joining a conquering EK/guilds. Not interested in joining any evil EK's/guilds, this includes any LE guilds.

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The <Gaean Remnant> is a group that maintains Gaea's Haven, a refugee camp dedicated to the dead goddess Gaea that is open to all. It incorporates the Remnant Strike Force, whose IC leader's divine right to rule is established by the will of the Fallen Lady as expressed through ritual combat (PVP duels). 



Overarching purpose:

To honor the memory of our Fallen Lady, the Greatmother Gaea.



1) We will chronicle the history of the Dying Worlds, preserving the artifacts and tales of the innocent and the fallen. We will commemorate the accomplishments of the Crows, for good or ill - even those we have openly opposed. History is sacrosanct - all should be remembered as it was, as impartially as possible. Then too will Gaea be remembered.


2) We will defend all worlds from the War of the Gods as much as we are able, and bring a swift end to those who would destroy entire realms solely to fuel conflict in the Heavens. If necessary, we will secure peace and souls through strength of arms. We will provide save refuge for any that seek it, and secure holdings on the worlds we can for those who seek such refuge to claim it.


3) If there is no alternative, we will ease or hasten the passing of these worlds, rather than have innocents reaped to fuel the warring of the Eternal Kingdoms or lost to the Hunger. Deny the remaining gods as many souls from these worlds as possible, lest their essences be used for war.


4) We will trade for the souls of the fallen, now used ignobly as currency by the Pantheon. We will secure as many as possible to our care.


((Read more in the link in my signature below if you're interested.))

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Fight for the Fallen Lady- keep her sanctum open to all. Join the Gaean Remnant. [RP]

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