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Old School Old-Schoolers shout out (UO, Hidden Worlds MUD)


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Long time out of touch with a handful of people. If any of the below people have found this game, PM me


UO: Elaan

UO: Mjolnir

UO: Khayman

UO: Saracor

UO: Irem


HW: Huh

HW: Uulik

HW: Nightshadow


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Speaking of old school UO, anybody from Great Lakes, Baja, Drachenfels, Hokuto, Siege Perilous (first run before the wipe), Abyss Test (color war hype)?

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I was on UO Catskills server!

Loved the RP community there



Septimus - ran small guild Shadowlanders and helped out the guilds in the Necropolis

Ssrith - snake guy

Elron Darkbrow - member of Zombie Horde

Peep The Imp - familiar in the Shadowclan Orks

Graxous - hermit character that lived in a swamp.  Forgot what town it was by, but it was near the player run city Winterfell.

I had various other characters, but those where my main ones.
I miss Catskills UO from back in the day.  Lots of good RP and lots of good PvP battles.

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