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I took some artistic license with what little info I could find on the Frostweaver and integrated it with a character I've used in writing and games over the years. Hopefully you'll enjoy the little piece of inspiration I have here.




The brittle branch snapped easily between her pinched fingers, creating a small cascade of ice from the dead sapling. L'ree tilted her head observing the miniature snowfall when two screams pierced the dead winter air. Narrowing her pale blue eyes as she listened, the Frostwitch drew on the surrounding chill, reveling in the tingling across her azure skin and the surge of wild winter magic that brought her senses in full focus.

Nearby underbrush crunched and crashed, much closer than the first cries. L'ree crouched, holding Snowblood parallel to the frost covered ground with her fingertips curled lightly over it's undrawn string. Two more screams cut the air, one the unmistakable screech of a hellcat and the other the harried battlecry of a woman. Drawing on the frosty air, L'ree shrouded herself in a cold mist, blurring her form as she moved lightly across the frozen ground towards the now clear sounds of fighting. Slipping between stunted trees and icy brush, she halted just shy of a clearing covered in crusty, broken snow.

A hellcat, it's torn, sinewy form fully taken by the Hunger, stalked a tight circle around a tall human woman, her once shiny armor dented and rent. Helmet lost, the warrior's dark blond hair hung in heavy freezing strands soaked in sweat and blood, her hands in a deathgrip around the hilt of a bloodsoaked longsword and her broken shield laying many paces away. Blinking rivulets of blood from her eyes she turned slowly, never loosing sight of the creature circling her. L'ree could see the hellcat was also injured. The beast's right side was sliced from fore to rear haunch so terribly its ribs shown clearly. Pieces of the crystalline corruption across it's body were broken from sword strikes and the long serpentine tail was sheared off halfway down it's length.

Crouching lower, L'ree watched a few moments more, taking in smaller details of the battle. The subtle limp of the hellcat, it's right forefoot, if the crystal spike at the end of it's leg could be called a foot, was broken at the tip. The warrior was slowly loosing her sight as a scalp wound bled faster than it could freeze. The Frostwitch watched the circling dance as the combatants moved left across her field of view.

Dropping the mist of her camoflage, L'ree raised the same cold white fog around the embattled warrior then with a quick flick of her draw-hand's fingers sent a freezing blast of power in the line of brush behind and past the stalking hellcat's rear haunch. Raising Snowblood, L'ree drew the string back as the creature, thinking its prey was escaping, spun to face the noise in the brush behind it. Fingers brushing her cheek she sighted as the icearrow formed with a crackling whisper, watching the hellcat stumble on its broken foot before releasing.

The hellcat screamed as the glowing missle struck between it's bared ribs, a second arrow striking before it could finish it's turn to face L'ree. "Goodbye, kitten," she whispered as she loosed a third arrow, striking the Hunger-ravaged creature through a glowing eye, dropping it heavily to the frosty ground.

Taking a cold, cleansing breath, she let go of her magic, revealing the warrior as the snowy mist faded. The woman lay back in the snow, breastplate moving with her ragged breaths and her sword laying forgotten at her side. Turning her head rapidly she focused on L'ree, her eyes filled with a mix of confusion, pain and wariness. "I owe you my thanks," the warrior coughed raggedly as she watched the other woman approach.

L'ree gave her a wistful smile as she paced lightly to the warrior's side and crouched. "No need," the Frostwitch lilted as she took in the warrior's injuries, noting the paleness of bone beneath her bloody tresses and the gaping hole in her armor. Leaning in a bit she could see the blue gleam of the hellcat's missing footspike stabbed deep in the warrior's stomach. "I only delayed the inevitable," L'ree whispered. "Selfishly, I admit." The warrior's brow furrowed quizzically but then she was overtaken by a fit of wet coughs. L'ree laid a cold blue hand on the woman's forehead and stroked her fingers upward through the frozen, blood soaked strands. "Shhh, it's time to sleep."

"Sleep? No... help me up," the woman groaned, lifting her head only to have the Frostwitch's icy fingers push it back down. "Don't let me sleep, it's too cold."

Brushing a bloody strand of hair from the warrior's eyes, L'ree smiled, "It is, isn't it?" Leaning close, she gave the woman's forehead a tender kiss, whispering "Keep me warm, won't you?"

Moments later, the Frostwitch wrapped a small gemstone in a scrap of cloth and dropped it in the pouch with her sewing kit. Gripping Snowblood in the renewed warmth of her hand, L'ree glanced down briefly at the frozen eyes that stared blindly skyward, "Goodbye, kitten," before slipping back into the trees.

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