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Fifty Shades of Crow - The lost Heroes


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Welcome to Fifty Shades of Crow - The lost Heroes!


Ever wondered, why there are only 13 Archtypes? Out of hundreds, thousands, millions of worlds that already fell to the hunger? Where are those uncountable people (at least those who are not our thralls certainly)?


What? Yeah, right. They are lost. Ok, that was no complicated question, i admit. But where are they lost? Hum? Yeah, yeah, in the shadows. But where is this damned shadow??? No. Stop it! Let me go on with my speach first. Thanks. Phew.


So. A small Party of people started the Torenstahl-Expedition, and i am proud to announce, that we did not only search for the lost Archtypes, we also already found some.


If you want to join the Torenstahl-Expedition, then go and search for the lost Archtypes in the worlds-- or within yourself. And dont forget to let us know when you found one.


I will do so either and start with the first three (some might recognize two of them from former postings).


If we get 50 of those lost archtypes, who are only shadows of us professional crows, i might open a poll (or something like that) and give out a price (or something like that) for the most glorious findings (or something like that). Besides a mention in the encyclopedia of non native archtypes of the lost worlds of course.


Have fun, good luck



Dr. Kraahk



P.S.: Oh, and feel free to post your findings outside the "regular form". There is no picture or full rpg story required. Others might fullfill your task. You know, havent seen a good bigfoot photo yet either.



So far found yet:



T h e   H a m s t a u r

"of noble steed"


Role: Tank

Strength ooo  -  Dexterity oo  -  Intellect o  -  Spirit oooo





My name is Dissus Hilarius. I was born to be a noble Steed. I knew it the first moment my clammy eyes opened after my birth. Though i was born with claws instead of hooves, i knew it would just be a matter of time. So i did wait. I waited a long, long time.

My brothers were laughing their asses off, telling me without cease that i was a hamster. What ignorance. What blasphemy! What an insult! I was on the edge of totally freaking out, when one of them said 'Yes, you will be a noble steed -- as soon as the world ends.'  And they laughed even louder. But i calmed down. For even in my younger days i knew: If one thing is for sure, then that the end always will come, some day.

So i sat down and waited. Then i stood up an prepared myself. Then i sat down and waited again. And so on and so forth.

But it was not until "this winter" ended, that i met my true destiny. The world had gotten cold. Colder than usual. All around my people were crying, shouting that the end was near. Things were transforming wierdly. Everywhere chaos and destruction, weeping and despair. But not with me. For i, and i only, knew what this meant. So now it was me to laugh and i asked them what they would prefer to be when the world ends: A weeping hamster or a noble steed? Satisfied i turned my back on them and waited for my true destiny to come. And it came.

My name is Dissus Hilarius. I died to be a noble Steed. I knew it the first moment my frozen eyes opened after my death. Though i was reborn with the head of a hamster instead of a horse and i am technically a hamstaur, i knew it will just be a matter of time. For i learned: If you laugh into fates ugly face, then reaching your goals is just a matter of time an faith. Nothing will hold me from reaching my goals.





T h e   B e a r d b a r d

"nothing but hairy affairs"


Role: Range DPS

Strength o  -  Dexterity ooo  -  Intellect oo  -  Spirit oooo





Oh, a fan. How wonderful. No no no. *grab* No reazon to be shhy my little zunshhine. You muzt have entered ziz Tavern for a reazon. And i guezz i do know exzactely what it iz. You couldnt help to azk me for a little zong. Nonzenz. It'z no trouble at all. Zatz nozzing. I alwayz love doing my fanz a  favour. And now you get your dreamz fullfilled. Lalala. *harumph*

When ze zweehehet ztreetz
of ze zunny zity meetz
your zkinny zkuhuhulls hairz -
ziz meanz hahairy affaairz.

Hello? Now zat iz what i call real emotional attachement wiz ze artizt. Juzt did, what i dezcribed in my zong. Allright folkz, everything iz fine. Fanz, huh? Happenz all ze time. Folkz? Hello? Where iz everyone? Tzuh, how rude.





T h e   B a k e r p i g

"tough cookie"


Role: Specialist

Strength oooo  -  Dexterity ooo  -  Intellect oo  -  Spirit o





Bit late, aren't ye laddy? Ter late. Bet ye never gave yer Baker a thought before, huh? Shoulda done. Was already out here an collectin my fees, while you were startin to snuggel with your lil princess blanket.

No man, i'm a man of deeds. In my job theres a saying: When you come, i'm already done. So go on an pick the rest of the breadcrumbs i left.

What yer meaning, wanna take mine instead. Boy, with me yer trying ter bite of more from the cookie than you can chew. I must know, i MADE the effing cookie, understand? See this rolling pin? When i'm done with ye, ye wont have to give biting any thought anymore. Yer friends will be able to pull you from one room into another without opening the door.

Yeah, run. RUN! Next time i see you, i'll teach ye the real meaning of beeing flat broke! Damned late risers. Always the same riot. Never learned to eat humble pie.

Edited by Dr. Kraahk
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T h e R i s e n

"oh gods not again"


Role: Specialist

Strength oooo  -  Dexterity ooo  -  Intellect oo  -  Spirit 10





I know you think you killed me. Dead dead dead but you forgot didn't you, you forgot and now you're going to regret it.  Let me weave my cold thin fingers through your hair, let me whisper damp promises into your ear. You killed me but here I am and now you're the one going to fall.

And then you'll wish you too could Rise but you can't can you?  You can't summon your shattered flesh, coalesce it into a close approximation of your former body and hurl yourself once more into the fray.  Because you're cursed, you're cursed not me. You're cursed with but one life and a body that dies.

So tremble, knock kneed feeble one.  Tremble as I kill you once and forever.  


The Chronicles of Crowfall           The Free Lands of Azure            RIP Doc Gonzo.

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