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I hate my life. I'm a failure


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I'm 22 years old and I'm a custard lowly cook at a fast food joint. This is the only job I've ever had and I will probably never get a better one. My coworker harasses me verbally all day. If I told my boss, he would just cut my already low salary. All that custardface cares about is money.

Outside of work, I don't do anything. My best friend is mentally wonderful, but I suppose that's better than nothing. I am in love with one of my neighbors. She's a gorgeous southern belle who just moved here, but I'm sure she hates me too. custard.

I'm stuck in my home town because I never learned to drive. I fail the driver's license test EVERY custard TIME I TAKE IT. custard THIS. Worst of all, I live in a custard pineapple under the sea.


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Maybe some of the things you attempted failed, that you made mistakes.


Failures and mistakes I think just prove that you've tried. And if you keep trying I'm pretty sure your chance of success increases.


I understand that it may be painful to not do what you would want to do and having someone harassing you constantly must be a very difficult situation to live. Hope you can try new things and find a good way to achieve what you desire.

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you need to get rid of your dependence on other peoples feedback. as long as you dont, other people will sense your uncertainness. if we find weakness, we naturally tend to take advantage of it. because this will let us feel stronger.


get rid of your addictions. find yourself. if you are unhappy with your life, change the circumstances, your attitude or your expectations. ask yourself one question: is there anybody in the world who is a lowly cook at a fastfood joint (or without a driver licence, or whatever) who is nevertheless happy with his life? because if so (and nearly always it is), your happiness doesnt really depend on this single detail: it is proven to be no exclusion criteria. you dont hate your life. you are dissatisfied. that means that you want something, but havent got it yet. it might be useful to give a deeper thought to the question, what it really is what you want. and then to give yourself the time to think about how you could get there. dont focus on what you cant do. focus on what you can do (maybe instead).


however, a game enviroment is always a good possibility to train your personality. and this is where you could start. you are young. there is enough time. use your chances.


(but stop whimpering around every oneandahalf week. it will not work in the long term. neither for you, nor for others.) ;)


have fun, good luck



Dr. Kraahk

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First off - the cooking part.  Do you like to cook?  If so, there are a number of cooking schools.  This can lead to better-paying jobs in nicer restaurants and hotels. The best path in life is one which you enjoy.  If you hate to cook...well let's move on.


You will need to learn to drive.  The driving test - let's break things down.  What part do you fail?  Put the brakes on too slow?  Parallel parking?  You need to take someone trusted with you and go to the biggest parking lot nearby - an abandoned Wall-Mart should do - and practice, practice, practice.  Driving is just like PVP in that way, except you are trying not to kill people.


As far as your lovely neighbor - how do you know she already hates you?  You need to project a positive attitude as women like confidence.  Since you already know how to cook, why not hold a backyard barbeque and invite your neighbors, including the new one?  That way you can see if you strike sparks in a friendly setting with others around.  If you answered yes to the "do you hate to cook?" question, it need not be a barbeque that you cook.  Invite a friend who does and make him cook while you tell wonderful stories that make people laugh.


Hope this helps.

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cmon eonwe, let's dig deeper for some better copypasta lad.


Of course, for some reason it works on these people. Too normie~

The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters. - Audrey Hepburn “:♡.•♬✧⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾*+:•*∴
Read more at brainyquote.com/search_results.html#KTJ4dHyeiltlKOTM.99


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My coworker harasses me verbally all day. If I told my boss, he would just cut my already low salary.

You are not alone friend ! From my experience this is very very common ! .......:)


On the other hand you are a part of a powerful Crowfall guild, so what are you complaining about ? ......:). :):)


Buy that girl a Kickstarter account as a gift, when she is online on this forum she will realise how many wonderful friends you have !!!!!

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Positive spreads positive, and negative spreads negative. You will find that if your positive people will be attracted to you and want to hang around with you, and if your negative people tend to want to stay away from you, because you will tend to bring them down with you the old saying "Misery loves company" is in effect!


Only you can turn around your life, If your job is so bad,  quit and find another where you can cook, there are plenty of places to be a cook at. Look at your options and see which one of those options is best for your future and will guide you to where you want to be. Colleges have cooks, Retirement homes have cooks, Fast food restaurants have cooks,  McDonalds, Burger king whatever have cooks, it a good place holder until you find a job as a cook in a place you want, Find a Culinary school apply there and become a cook for a fancy place a cruise line, resort etc.... If you are single then there are lots of options in the Virgin Isle's for a cook at a resort, and you dont need a car there, to get around a bike or scooter is suffice. (and even suggested) heres a starting point for you  (www.starwood.jobs) / www.starwoodhotels.com check out the careers section

As far as your neighbor, If your negative she will not want to be around you especially if she is positive, all your doing is keeping her at bey with your own negativity.


Hopefully that helps. (and keep in mind there are those out there that are far worse off than you!)

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Famous last words..................


It doesnt look like a fire breathing dragon!?

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Cooking is not a bad profession. I have been doing it since 15 and am almost 33. You need to go for a culinary arts 2 years or culinary management 4 years. I chose the 2 year one. Wish I did 4 years but it hasn't hidered me.


I have worked in some of the best restaurants in Boston as well as Food Service Director at some nice nursing homes. It is very possible with hard work and dedication to make 80k a year.


If cooking is for you get what experience and knowledge you can from your current job and when you stop learning move on. Also take a servsafe course. I hope things look up for you. You are at a crossroads where a lot of people your age are. Do not sweat it you will find something. Stay positive and keep your head up.

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Listen here son, first things first swearing isn't going to get you anywhere so take a deep breath and get it out of your system. Now I know things might seem rough right now and we all got our share of problems but you gotta buck up and figure out where you want to go in life and follow that, flipping burgers for cents on the dollar aint no way to live and I think we both know that.

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