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It seems that I will be having to push my Oc even more.


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As of right now,  my 5820k is sitting at 4.0. Overclocking is still a new thing to me. I feel that I could push it more. How much more is the real question. What do you guys think? 


My video card will soon be running on the Nzxt Kraken x61 too. It is a 980.

My psu soon will be a EVGA 1000w g2.


4.0 is very stable at 1.2 voltage.




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Why are you finding a need to OC?

People like making their CPUs melt like a nuclear reactor when browsing Facebook, forums, and playing 10 yr old games off steam.

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Eh, if you don't need it... why would you make it work harder just for fun? I hope it doesn't burn out early on you.

Well, cpu is dont burn, no component actually burns at all.


It will always work at %100 when under full load, when doing stuff like browsing, differance wont even be bigger then 1 degrees, since the process is almost done instanteniously.

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