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A candlelight affair


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A faint red glow streamed over the walls of the dining hall, a sweet scent of foreign fruits and cinnamon adding to the display. Kalai felt herself relax as she breathed in deeply, enjoying the delicacy with the amazement that a child might have when listening to the soft pings of their first rainfall.


For a moment, she was at peace.


The tables seemed to hover above the floor in perfect stillness, the ceiling was open to the faint dancing of some stellar light display...the definition of the stars above was incredible - the colors of endlessly swaying spirals of vibrant peach fading to a glowing amethyst. She felt that she could stare at the stars for an eternity. Variation was the only constant, and she knew she would never tire of the sight.


A smaller centaur approached, with a dress of brown furs spun in an unfamiliar pattern down the left side of her torso. Seeming to sense Kalai's preferences with an unnatural ability, the woman inclined her head to the unlit wax rather than spoil the silence, as if to say:

"Should I light the candles?"

Kalai managed a nervous nod, unable to match the pleasantry of the other's speech. Making a show of the candles arranged on the floating table, the servant inhaled deeply, and leveling her mouth with the wicks. With a wordless whisper, magic or trickery allowed her to light the candles with her breath.

Kalai's brows raised in awe, the glinter of the candles in her eyes communicating her respect.

The other smiled, bowed curtly and left - surely amused at the speechless lady at the table.

A time passed and half a time - surely she could spare another moment? Kalai closed her eyes and breathed in the warm scent of fresh cinnamon apples...

...And opened them to see the cold, yellowed stare of her killer. An ancient skullish face browned at the edges. A thin layer of white skin and those terrible eyes kept his form just different enough from that of a skeleton to make Kalai even more ill at ease. Her left hooves recoiled at the sight of him, the only physical sign of the terror swelling insider her.

Her lord spoke without moving his lips, a deep telepathic voice filling Kalai's concentration as her vision tunneled further to his eyes....

"So this is the soul they've selected..."

Kalai's spine shivered, but she could not speak or break his gaze. The lord paused for a moment, increasing her feeling of helplessness as the she unwillingly remained still - distanced completely from the brilliance of the restaurant around her.

"I will be brief. The servants of Hunger from the remnants of my world have a history of adopting apprentices. Those apprentices are expected to act servile as they 'secretly' plot the demise of their masters..."

The lord's eyes narrowed as he paused for another moment, and Kalai felt as though she had been accused of a terrible crime. Guilt was all she could feel, even though logically she knew she had no will to betray the man.

"And the Lords themselves are expected to off their underlings before they have the chance. It is a pathetic waste of time!"

His anger rose, and Kalai felt as though she was drowning in the feelings of hate that flooded her soul, choking her off from her own emotions...She could no longer make out the eyes in front of her, and was unsure how long the sensation lasted....At last, the tunnel cleared and she felt as though she could breathe - both spiritually and physically.

She gasped, still locked motionless and staring at the lord's face. Drool leaked out from her mouth, but she was unable to attend to it.

The voice in her head whispered gently. "I think we will both find it mutually beneficial to keep our distance from each other. I have no need of an apprentice, but must uphold this formality."

Her lord snapped his fingers, and Kalai regained control of herself. She felt as though the entire restaurant was spinning, but managed to refocus her gaze on of the centaur server staring at her off in the distance. Kalai's world stopped spinning, but she blushed with embarrassment. Silently thanking her maker for providing her with the red skin that naturally hid such things, she wiped the drool from her face, regained her composure and faced her master anew.

"I'd say we've reached an agreement then...." She smiled as she offered what she hoped was a passable nod.

The lord laughed.

"Enjoy your meal, Centaur. Soon, you'll be free to explore the Dying Worlds. You will *earn* your penance for your failure in life with your service in the endless War of the Gods, remembering nothing of the Hunger's rightful claim over your soul until the time of your purpose is at hand. Until then...don't ever let me see you again."

A second snap filled Kalai's ears, and his last words echoed around in her mind. She pondered them deeply, the sound the words made, the rhythm and unusual melody of his accent....these captivated her long after all import of the words had been buried beyond conscious recall.


By the time she came to fully, Lord Perdici was gone. 

Edited by flightsaber


Fight for the Fallen Lady- keep her sanctum open to all. Join the Gaean Remnant. [RP]

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