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Talent Shows and Tournaments [open to all]


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Bright tents and foreign smells of every kind of sausage brought a smile to nearly everyone's faces. The peaceful sanctum of Gaea was now anything but, it's normally plain palisade walls decorated with the banners of the Pantheon. The intent was to welcome visitors wholeheartedly, to reconnect the fighters of this war with the true victims and remind all of the sanctity of life...To share in the service of others. 


But to Kalai, the entire affair was little more than a necessary evil - an invasion of a place of peace she'd come to know as home. The mirth on her face as she passed the children staring intently at the open roster of the tournaments never reached her eyes. 


She strode on, hooves pressing towards the Commons - now serving as an open theater for any who would wish to perform magic, trickery, or trades to raise money for the cause. But as she passed through a line of vendors hawking off enchants of silent snoring, she found herself disgusted by this as well: the preferred currency was nothing less than the souls of hapless mortals.


Gaea, she prayed halfheartedly. For once, perhaps, it is good you are not here to witness. 


Unanswered, as always, but feeling guilty for the thought, she made it to the Commons. Two magi weaving a sculpture of water into shapes of passerby caught her eye. The eldest winked, as if privy to some small secret...and soon the magi spun her awkward stare to greet her. The reflection looked sad, but slowly smiled. A childish chuckle pierced through her melancholy, despite herself. An elken lady giggled from behind them. 


Perhaps there is some merit, after all.

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Fight for the Fallen Lady- keep her sanctum open to all. Join the Gaean Remnant. [RP]

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The normally quiet landscape of Gaea's Haven had been transformed almost overnight into a thriving fairground. It was a strange site to see: the temple hung with the colours of all the gods, ribbons hung between the modest buildings, and so many people. The Khan had thought it wise to up recruiting during the fair, and so any soldiers with abilities that were impressive in the slightest were there performing. The Knights and Champions were duelling and jousting, the Stalkers and Duelist's were having shooting contests, and the Frostweavers and Confessors were working their magic to the awe of the crowds.


So, there he stood, surrounded by guild mates, and strangers alike. On the other side of the commons, a couple of Druids were controlling water golems, shaping them to look like fair goers. Ah, that's an interesting idea, he thought to himself, watching their performance for a moment. Not one to be outdone by a couple of pagans, the Confessor spread his arms wide, lighting flames in his hands, and setting the irises of his eyes ablaze. The attentions of the crowd were drawn by his little bit of theatrics, and as their eyes turned toward him, he placed his hands in front of his mouth.


A single smoothe exhalation over his blazing palms brought into existence a great Wyvern of flame, its wingspan easily ten paces. He had it fly a complete circuit of the green, before bringing it back to him, and then sending it straight for the Druid's water golems. A burst of fire from its gaping maw turned the golems into steam instantly, to the joy of the crowd. The Druids quickly condensed the gas back into water, and then into two aqueous archers, which shot dripping arrows over the crowd, and into the winged serpent. Infynis had the construct fly a little ways farther before flipping in the air, and returning to him, sitting itself on the grass behind him (which quickly turned to ash). The crowd erupted in applause, and he grinned and bowed, fiery hands leaving trails in the air as he flourished them.


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Kalai grinned at the gasps of the crowd as the newcomer breathed a flaming wyvern into flight, even breaking into a smile as the watery visage of herself evaporated into steam. 


Someone in the crowd broke out an er-hu, the stringed instrument singing in time to the beat of the conjured creature's wings. Kalai began to stomp her hooves - unconsciously at first, but quickly falling into familiar bass support. If it's a game you want, we're in. Those nearest her, wary of the famously over-graceful dances of her kind, began to give her berth. 


The Druids matched the casting of their spell to the time of the music, even as another musician began to sing from somewhere to the west. Waving their hands in a smooth motion, and twisting each other in a spin for effect, they doubled their golem's size and added a top hat for effect. The conjuration smirked, moonwalking into a spin before issuing a challenge with it's hands. One of the druids narrated: "A fine trick, lad! But Le''s see whatcha have when we ain' got our guard down!"


With a quick clap of their hands, their conjuration dove - head first with arms extended- towards the Wyvern.


Fight for the Fallen Lady- keep her sanctum open to all. Join the Gaean Remnant. [RP]

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