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[Shop] Purchase confirmation got stuck (wrong sum total)

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Wanted to look if the shop uses the correct VAT for my country. So i put something into my cart (1 large keep), looked at the taxes, removed it again. Tried a horse, and so on.


Good news: VAT works.

Bad news: The purchase confirmation doesnt. It stuck with the price of the first thing i put into my cart, after i cancelled the payment transaction (mastercard) in the confirmation window.


Question is now: What is true? Would i be charged with 80,15 € now if i buy i.e. 10 large keeps (or a quarter horse)? Or would i get 1 large Keep instead? Or will i be charged with 750$?


If it is the first one: No need to hurry with the bugfixing. ;)





btw: upgrading pledge packages is not affected by this. its conformation shows the right price.

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