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I actually really like this idea. I don't know squat about game development or programming, so can't say how hard it would be to implement it. I can GUARANTEE without any doubts in my mind, that if it was implemented it would be used and enrich the inter-guild politicking which will definitely take place anyway. I totally get what you guys are saying about it being possible without the mechanic in place, but what's possible and what actually happens are not the same. I've never been in a guild that did what he's suggesting. The only reward i've ever seen is promotions within a guild. He's talking about actually creating a visible incentive system- one that will likely increase play time for some people and definitely allow a guild leader to harbor focus in his guild.  Why would you not want this? If it's too expensive or difficult to code, which I doubt, let ACE decide that on their own.  




One thing Zomnivore- treating people like crap because they disagree with you and are mouthy isn't going to help. You want people to want what you want. People will forget what you say, sometimes even what you do, but rarely how you make them feel. I like your idea, but honestly man it's hard to be on your side when half this thread is bickering back and forth.

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This is terribad, OP.

☆ We are in a positive posting drought, so just post. Be the change you want the forums to be. Go wild. Just follow your positive posting star. ☆

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I don't think I took anything personally. I don't want people to confuse criticism with the garbage "We have chat boxes".


Its not the same thing.


Its like saying, in real life...you have dirt, the basics to farming are built into the dirt.


Ignoring tools, livestock, and just going yup you've got all you need right there.

Edited by Zomnivore

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OP, good idea to have a board where managing the guild for leadership becomes easier in game. However there are a few issues.


1: This will create a lot of internal fighting within the guild since everyone is competing for points ( its a look-at-me kinda scenario) A guild should be working towards a common goal and if you did something great for the guild then you would be recognized.


2: Spies will be a part of the game with or without your system idea. This idea seems to actually create paranoia and I feel like it would make the spies job harder since everyone want to throw another guildmate under the bus( This weakens the guild further)


3: Good leadership will notice who is working hard for the guild, who is in it for themselves, and who are just freeloaders. This system makes it easier to manage in game, but its not a necessity.


Pros: In game guild management made easier


Cons: Creates self first attitude

         Creates an atmosphere of paranoia which is destructive

         The in game management is not enough for it to be necessary to run a guild


Conclusion: It would be a nice feature for the leaders of Guilds, however they most likely are evaluating their members at all times. You mention stealing from a guild bank, this is already available in most MMOs if you earn the trust of management. Overall I feel like the system would become more of a chore and do more harm then good for the guilds.


It does seem like if someone doesn't agree with your ideas you take immediate offense and make it personal. Don't make it personal, it is an idea, people are allowed to disagree.

PvE is like water to my whiskey. Don't water down my whiskey.- Ronald Reagan


Don't be a custard gonzo.- Abraham Lincoln

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No need for this



There will be chat boxes and maybe voice chat also


This game looks like a larger scale version of marvel heroes so far with forts.  - nephiral marts 7 2015


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