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Armageddon Ruleset

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So people with jobs are constantly loosing their inventory? Yeah no.


There will be rulesets that you're unable to play, some rulesets I'll be unable to play.... doesn't mean they shouldn't exist.  We're not so entitled to expect CF to be developed around our availability and interests.


I work too... a LOT, and most likely will never have the time available to play such a ruleset, but I also understand that there's a good segment of PvP players that would love such a ruleset and are available for it.  

> Suddenly, a Nyt appears in the discussion...

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Sounds fun, but what about a modified version of this as well?


Standard timing/limitations.


All players enter with 5 respawns.


Players can craft extra respawns from the same materials used to build structures.


Rub rock on face and say "Yes food is eaten now time for fight"

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I like the idea of a special fresh toon - so everyone starts at zero for training/etc.


Server rush would be a serious rush - people beating each other to death with sticks and rocks.



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I think this is a really cool idea. However I have some ideas of my own


Love the idea of perma death.



It should be a prize to the winner. No gathering resources for your embargo. All resources obtained will be used for the campaign only. Your embargo will only fill up with things you win in the campaign. Better detail below


The prize will be something epic, including a trophy of monstrous size for your EK.


There should be only ONE winner, Like literally one. Not a guild, Not a faction. ONE person! Kneeling will get you something small but nothing in comparison. Typically you would think that the leader of the biggest guild would get it, but I bet they would have the biggest target on their back.


It would be like survivor. You will make alliances but will definitely have to backstab EVERYONE at some point if you want the crown!


You will bring in your best archetype. Not a random full stat made up toon. Your eternal hero will be the winner.


This campaign will not be able to have a time limit given the fact that everyone has to die. So there will need to be ways of speeding up the process. One idea would be that you have a timer counting down, you need to go to a selected place at anytime during the clock to reset your timer. these resets will be in publicly known places forcing confrontation. 



Other ways to create confrontation will be to have embargo prizes, (can be anything, and will be epic) This will work by having timed events where a box is dropped and whoever gets it, GETS IT. They need to get it back to their embargo so it's only safe when that happens.


I thought about hiders and I think the timer clock will fix that. If it is taking to long just speed up the timers and reduce the reset spots.


I'm sure there is a lot of ideas that would work well with this that I haven't thought of and would like to know what you think.


This campaign will not be for everyone. But EVERYONE will know who won!

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