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Ascendance - A Chapter of Legend Gaming [Age 17+]

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PvP Excelence, Crafting Supremacy, Politics and Influence


-  A Chapter of the Legend Gaming Multi-Gaming Community -




**Hardcore PvP and Crafting, Role-Play friendly, Worldwide, Mainly US EST Timezone**





Some of Legend Gaming's previous chapters achievements include:



  • Age of Conan: First PvP Keep on Cimmeria server - Hand of Set

  • Age of Conan: PvP Keep held until our official resignation from the game. - Hand of Set

  • Age of Conan: First guild city on Cimmeria Server - Hand of Set

  • Warhammer Online: First successful Order city raid (Volkmar server) - Legend

  • Warhammer Online: Server firsts on all release raid content (Volkmar Server) - Legend

  • Warhammer Online: First guild, on server, to level to release max (Volkmar Server) - Legend

  • SWTOR: Over 30 server first boss kills in raiding on Jung Ma server - Jen’jidai

  • SWTOR: First server wide Role-play event in Jung Ma server - Jen’jidai

  • SWTOR: First guild to be featured in the official Bioware guild spotlight - Jen’jidai

  • TESO:. Vokundein was one of the most respected PVP guilds in TESO. Naming 3 different emperors in the most competitive campaigns.

  • TESO: Dragon Star Arena - World 2nd, NA 1st clear time on PTS.  Special Invitation to exclusive DEV Q/A Panel.


7th Anniversary Video


For more information on Legend Gaming and our current chapters, please check our portal at www.legend-gaming.net You can also check out 5th anniversary video, even though it is a bit outdated it is still informative and inspiring!




We are Legend Gaming!


As a multi-gaming community, Legend Gaming has recently completed Seven Years of MMO excellence. Since we were founded our chapters have always succeeded in multiple games, promoting a spirit of friendship, unity, organization and quality. As part of Legend Gaming, Ascendance seeks to bring that same quality standards to Crowfall. We focus in all aspects of the game, pushing for PvP domination and crafting supremacy. We will also work hard on our Eternal Kingdom establishing a powerful force and influence in the community. Upon joining Ascendance, you are not joining simply a guild, you are joining a family. We are an organization that is proud of it's achievements and thankful to the loyalty of our members. We are looking for like minded players who value organization, loyalty, maturity and strong leadership. We will need your skill and dedication in our continued journey to the top!


Name: --> Ascendance


Main Timezone:--> US Eastern Time (EST), open to all time zones, seeking  more EU players.

Recruitment Status:--> Recruitment open. Interviews are required. Seeking PvP and crafting progressive minded players

Discord:--> Discord is required for voice chat.

Guild Focus:--> PvP Domination and Crafting Supremacy

Guild Leader:--> Allastair


While we are an EST based guild we have members from all over the planet like Brazil, France, Finland, Australia and more. There are always people on to play with!


If you wish to learn about our goals and focus to each aspect of the game (PvP, Crafting, RP) please check the About Us section of our website! You can also register in Legend Gaming forums and participate on the discussions with our members. We are very welcoming and most of the forums are open for anyone to see and post!






  • You must be prepared to use Discord and be logged into the Legend Gaming server whenever you are logged into the game (Post release only).

  • You must be 17 years of age or older. This is due to the maturity of the community and the maturity rating of the game.

  • Understand you are joining a community, not a guild. Upon joining Ascendance, you are joining Legend-Gaming. So if you're not looking for a tight knit community concept, we're not the right fit for you.

  • Be an active member of the guild and contribute to guild events, raids, and so forth both pre-release and post-release.


Joining Ascendance is quite simple. Visit our website's join us page. Follow the directions!



Guild Leader/ High Elder

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I recall HoS from AoC actually.  A surprisingly successful RP guild if I recall correctly, and my condolences to your former GM.  Good luck in CF and welcome.


Hey man thanks alot, ya HoS was us and thanks for the condolences. We look forward to playing with you in CF! Great podcast btw man look forward for more episodes!

Edited by Varius


Varius - Veteran Member of LG
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