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Glossary Of Terms

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This is a quick reference of obscure acronyms and game-specific terms that you'll see discussed in the forum.


For a quick game overview with lots of common terms, read:  http://crowfall.com/#/about-the-game

To learn more details on these terms, check out the FAQ:  http://crowfall.com/#/faq



ACE:  ArtCraft Entertainment

Artifact:  trophy that provides passive buff

Bloodstone:  highest Kickstarter contribution level; a crafting material

Caravan:  transport for game resources

CF:  Crowfall (of course!)

Custard:  profanity filter replacement

CU:  Camelot Unchained (another game)

CW:  Campaign World

Dregs:  a type of campaign

DW:  dying worlds

EK:  Eternal Kingdom

Eve:  Eve Online (another game)  

Embargo:  bank used to export campaign winnings

Forumfall:  nickname for "playing" the forums

Gods Reach:  a type of campaign

Gonzo:  former profanity filter replacement

Guinecean:  a playable rodent race

GW:  Gordon Walton (founder)

Hunger:  an evil force destroying worlds

JTC:  J. Todd Coleman (founder)

KS:  Kickstarter

Parcel:  a plot of land

PoI:  point of interest

Poorly Made Socks:  profanity filter replacement

Relic:  trophy that provides passive buff

SB:  ShadowBane (another game)

Stronghold:  player housing in EKs

Thrall:  crafting material or NPC

Throne War:  a game style heavy on politics and PvP

Uncle Bob:  a player that dominates the game to the exclusion of fun

VIP:  paid game membership with additional perks

VF:  Voxel Farm (software)

Voxel:  "pixel with volume" (software)

W101:  Wizard 101 (another game)




Feel free to post any questions about these terms or terms that I missed and I'll add them to this list.

Edited by Nazdar

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Pretty good list, but Myrmidon is an archetype, Minotaur is a race, i don't think either need to be on the list though, it's not like their any more unique or misunderstood than stoneborn dwarfs or frost weaver elves.


That's fair.  I deliberated on both of those.  On review, most conversations involving archetypes have enough context that these should probably be pulled.



You left out "custard" and "poorly made socks". Two terms that I now intimately connect with Crowfall, for some custarding reason.


Thanks!  Added.  I knew I was forgetting something vital.  :)

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A couple other common ones I see around the forums a lot are Gordon and Todd's names; GW and JTC.  Might help to throw those in.


Good call.  Those are everywhere.


I would add "CW" for Campaign World, seems to be what the devs are using.


It seems like adoption is low, but I'll toss it in.


gonzo is no longer, Its back to carebear.


That's a shame.


If you're going to include Eve, you might as well include CU. Eve is the standard foil in economic discussions, and CU is the standard foil in PvP-centric game design discussions.


Under consideration.  Off the top of my head, it seems like there are many more references to Eve floating around, while Camelot Unchained is not commonly abbreviated.

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