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[sandbox ffa pvp] Tree of life


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The game will be released on Steam the 27 of May 2015, is someone interested to try the game and make a review?


The game art is eastern, a true rare korean sandbox translated to the west in early access, but moreover is a sandbox with ffa pvp, sieges, full loot, action combat, buildings, skill cap, alignment system, roaming monsters, and 1000+ players in the same world.





  • B2P with additional (cosmetic) Item Shop
  • May 27th, 2015!
  • $19.99 Standard Edition
  • $24.99 Deluxe Edition
  • Supports Korean & English language, community translations will maybe possible
  • Walking straight across the map (horizontally) takes around 3 hours
  • Different start locations



  • KR & NA Server are just the beginning
  • No Region lock
  • Servers can hold (more than) 1000 Player
  • Tree of Life uses Steam VAC [source]
  • There are no planned Wipes for the Early Access (atm) [source]



  • No Tab Target Combat
  • Movement via WASD, mouse look


PvP (Red / Bandit) Flag

  • Activate via
    • Kill a player
    • Destroy a player structure
    • Steal from structures/buildings
  • Yellow named player dies: One random item drop from the inventory
  • Red named player dies: The complete inventory drop
  • How long you are flagged as bandit based on your violations
    • 15 hours ingame time for 15 killed players
    • Timer just counts down while you are online
  • Player build towers attack red named players automatically
    • Guild towers don't attack guild members



  • 3 minutes respawn time
    • Respawn can be reduced via collecting soul pieces
    • Each piece reduces the respawn by 30 seconds
  • You can move around as a ghost
  • Living player can't see ghosts but other ghosts can see you
  • Ghosts can see living players



  • One character can't master all 24 skills
  • Equipment can break
    • Is not repairable
    • Durability based on the item grade


Towns / Villages

  • No Housing atm just workbenches, storage and defense structures
  • You need the currency from monster loot to repair structures
    • 100 copper coins = 1 silver coin
    • 100 silver coins =1 gold coin
  • You can build roads



  • 1 STR = x attack
  • 1 INT = 1 mana
  • 1 DEX = 1 stamina
  • 1 CON = 1 life point


Masteries / Skills

  • Max available skill points are 400
  • To max one mastery (skill) you need 100 points
  • Masteries (skills) increase attributes [screenshot][cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com]



  • w, a, s, d: move
  • f: pick up loot
  • e: inventory and skills
  • m: map
  • left click: attack
  • right click drag: action key
  • 1-8: action bar
  • x and right drag: emotes
  • space bar: jump
  • shift key + left click: split stacks


Planned features

  • Monster Villages and Spirit NPC Relationships are WIP
  • Magic


Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQqqBeLzZWAtLZ_yoF7FfbQ/videos


Seems very promising, but before buy it i want see more videos and a detailed review.

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Archduchess Alice

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I'm going to pick it up and probably stream it.


We have a small streaming/viewer community that enjoys games like this such as Reign of Kings, Don't Starve Together, etc...


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been playing it for the last 2 days its really grindy also big penalty for pvping if you kill a yellow(neutral player) they drop 1 item and you become red when your red you drop everything on death

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A friend plays it, I'm planning on getting it in a few days.


According to what he says the building and community aspects of the game are quite fun, the PvP is rather meh.

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but it will annoy enough people to be worth the effort.

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