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Declaring War on ACE!

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Pay me and I'll motivate you. I'll be your PT brah, hit that rep count brah, cmon set a PR be fuarkin jooicy m8.  I will throw Like rose petals on the ground that you post on.


You want motivation, I'll give you motivation. Who's that handsome man? Who's that smart man?  Who's that likable chap with likes everywhere he goes? YOU. You are measured by your likes.


I see power, I see pride, I see a bad bottom mother who dont take no crap off nobody!

I have lots of likes, but I am a wimpy kid. :(

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#11 - no dislike button.

#12 - No EK Subforum

#13 - No Slayer Archetype

#14 - No Parenting Subforum

#15 - Locking Duplicate Topic Threads

#16 - Top Hat is the only Monopoly Icon badge

#17 - Not enough bird titles

#18 - This thread hasn't moved to Off Topic yet

#19 - What will the combat be like?

Edited by Nyt

> Suddenly, a Nyt appears in the discussion...

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